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Kicking Off The Gift Guide With A New Mattress #MyGreenMattress

That time of year is upon us. Stores are having early sales, to give us consumers the opportunity to save a few bucks. When we think of the holidays, we think toys, clothes, household appliances, shoes, etc. but what many of us don't think about is how much that family member or friend could use a new mattress.

Up until recently, we had been using my husband's 10 year old bed that he had when we first got together. When we moved into our own home, we just brought it along. Well, 4 years of marriage, two bouncy kids later - it was extremely worn out. For example how you can stand up a new mattress on its side and the top and bottom are straight as a board, this old one was wavy from being so old.

So imagine how uncomfortable it was sleeping on that!

I woke up daily with my back so stiff, getting out of bed was very painful. My husband works at a wood products plant, which is strenuous work for him and leaves him aching all over. I had to dig my elbow in the bottom of his back daily to get the knots worked out that developed overnight. I never had any sorts of back pain before having my daughter, but I knew - something had to give!

I never thought that I'd have a new mattress, because honestly, the extra funds just haven't been there for us. When I received the chance to work with My Green Mattress to do a review on one of their mattresses - I was absolutely ecstatic! Like I said, never in a million years did I think a new mattress would come into my life. After discussing how we slept and such, we agreed that the Pure Echo would be our best match. Although, I didn't exactly tell my husband it was a medium firm mattress, but it was for the best. He thought he needed a super soft one, but the old mattress was one that you'd sink into because the springs were no longer firm as they should have been. We even had pieces of tiny metal coming through the top (that's very uncomfortable).

The Pure Echo is an all natural, organic made bed. The best in my opinion.

You receive your new mattress delivered via FedEx in a roll (I've never had a new mattress so I was unsure on how they was going to ship it).

Excuse my dearest dog, she was so curious and was walking laps around it.

My husband had me vow to not open it until he got home from work (at 2 am) so I agreed. I sat it to the side and when he came home I was so ecstatic! With a few, very easy, cuts and rips of the plastic it was wrapped in, this fine beauty was released!

The most comfortable bed I have ever laid on. I'm not one for mushy, soft beds. I need a good, fairly firm bed. This medium-firm mattress did the trick and I promise you, I have not had a single backache when I've woke up since I received it! Before hand, every morning was extremely painful for me.

Here's some more information and a little visual on how these great mattresses are made.

"We've updated our popular and most economical mattress with a new more comfortable spring system that offers excellent lumbar support. This medium-firm mattress is conforming and pressure relieving making it perfect for children, teens, and adults. The Pure Echo is handcrafted with all-natural, hypoallergenic materials, including organic cotton and natural wool for the deep, healthy sleep you deserve at a price that won't keep you up at night."

  • Heavy 13.5 gauge perimeter coils for a firmer seating edge
  • Heavyweight organic cotton batting - All-natural needle punched cotton insulator pads
  • The wool in our quilted cover acts as a natural flame barrier, therefore our mattresses pass flame testing required by law without the use of dangerous flame retardant chemicals
  • Your Choice: One-sided mattress - upholstered on one side, or Two-sided - upholstered on both sides giving you the ability to flip your mattress and extend its life
  • Updated with a higher profile. Total one-sided mattress height is 9 3/4", and two-sided mattress height is 11". Need a bunk bed mattress with a lower profile? Click here
  • Firmness level = 7 (+/-)    1=softest  10=firmest

I can't even begin to explain my love for this. The only thing I found strange was it had the weirdest smell. Like my husband said, it may be from all the organic materials used, but to us it slightly smelled like horse feed. (Feel free to laugh hysterically, because I did while typing this out)

The top was so soft, and very warm. I love a warm bed, as I am very cold-natured. I don't care what time of year it is, I'll be bundled up in a fleece blanket come bedtime. I won't lie, my husband jumped in bed before I could put the sheet on it, so we slept with no sheet on the bed that night. Then, he complained about how hot it was (hello, there's no silky smooth, and very cold sheet on it), and all the while, I laid there very content because of the softness and major warmth.

Our old mattress was so flimsy and while you would 'sink right in', it was in no way, in a good way. The pain I felt when I would wake up every morning was so intense. I had our daughter in January, and regardless of her sleeping all night from two weeks on, this very old mattress kept me from having any sort of good nights sleep. I never felt rested at all, and it was rough on me physically, and mentally.

While my husband tends to complain that it's too firm for him, I can tell you - he hasn't complained about his back hurting him nowhere near as much as he previously did. He works a very long, hard job at a wood products plant. He has to lift a lot of weight which puts major strain on his back. Despite what he says, I already know it's made an impact on him, a positive impact. 

I think we may have both discovered, a new mattress really does make a world of difference in many aspects of your life.

I really enjoy the idea of having an all natural, organic, and hypoallergenic mattress. Hypoallergenic is a big deal because we are a household full of allergies to what seems like any, and every thing. Another great thing is the price, a queen size like we recently received will only run $749, but that's for one sided, which isn't made to flip from one side to the other, but to rotate instead.

Don't need a firm bed? Check out their Natural Escape mattress, which cost $1,099 for a queen size, but has a more springy bouncy to it.

The best part of this review? You've made it to the end and know what you need to about the Pure Echo and want one of your own. Well, take a moment to enter the giveaway below to win a twin size Pure Echo (arv: $529) or $529 credit towards a larger size, of your very own!

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