Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beer-B-Q Bucket from Gourmet Gift Baskets

Father's Day, it's coming on quickly. Most of us will do our best to get Dad the gift he truly deserves. My dad, he's pretty simple to please. Lately, he's gotten really into BBQ'ing, and of course, he's a fan of beer. When I received the email from Gourmet Gift Baskets, there was a few selections to sample for a post to cover what they offer for Father's Day. When I seen the Beer-B-Q Bucket, I was like THAT'S THE ONE. 

It comes in a very tidy metal bucket, filled with three beers (Samuel Adams Seasonal, Red Hook ESB, and Magic Hook #9), and Rufus Teague steak seasoning, Burger seasoning mix by Backyard Safari Company, and lastly, Classic beer can chicken rub by Gourmet du Village. 

Now, I'll be honest here, the beer, it depends on what kind of taste you are into. If you like bitter, these would be for you. Unfortunately, my dad was not a fan of any of them. He said they just simply wasn't what he's into. We are saving the seasonings for a big Independence Day cookout we are planning. He absolutely loved the metal bucket. Honestly, I think that was his favorite part of the whole thing. He said he could use it when he's using his smoker (for whatever requires a metal bucket). Gourmet Gift Baskets have such a wide variety of baskets. Dad into golfing? They have a basket for him. Fishing? Yep, they have him covered, also. They can please nearly any, and everybody. 

Any occasion that you can think of, that you can gift someone a gift basket, they have something for you. This particular basket was $59.99, which in my opinion is a bit much - but I've seen so much worse as far as prices go. Although, my dad didn't love everything in it, I still recommend them because they are very much so - gourmet, and they have a lot more to choose from. 

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes only. All opinions posted, are my own, 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

Hugaboo Review

It's hard to believe, but our littlest baby is right at 5 months old already! She has been hitting quite a few milestones lately. She's making a lot more in the noise department that previously, she can hold her head up perfectly, and recently mastered rolling all the way over and then back to her back. 

One thing I have been anxious for, is for her to master sitting up on her own. Although I know this isn't an easy feat, she's taken on every other task and has learned so much with ease. I don't particularly like the Bumbo seat because of the pressure it takes to push her rolling little legs into it, and it's not very comfy feeling. 

We recently got the opportunity to try out the Hugaboo, which serves the same purpose of the Bumbo - but with a whole lot more comfort involved. 

She was very curious, and just wanted to eat the carrying case, quite frankly. When we received this beautiful pink chevron Hugaboo, she was 4 months old. It's so very comfortable, and just what I had been looking for to help her gain the strength to sit up really good, and to catch her if she topples over.

There's two little rings on the front for toys to hook on, to keep them occupied. She stayed pretty happy in it, but she's been super clingy here recently, and if I leave her sight at all - we have a major meltdown on our hands. We have been using this for a few weeks now, and her ability to sit up has improved significantly. It's so worth the $59-$69 they cost. 

Here's a guide on how to properly place your child in the Hugaboo.

I absolutely loved the Hugaboo, and I know you will too. Don't waste your time on hard, uncomfortable seats, go with this super soft, comfy, much safer alternative. You won't regret it, I promise that!

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes only. All opinions are my honest opinions, and 100% my own. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hartz Delectables

It's the first lickable stew treat, or meal topper for dogs. Hartz has came out with Delectables. I was a little unsure of how our pitbull, Nyla, would take to it, as she normally isn't into wet foods. To my surprise, she loved it. Now, it may be the puppies causing her to love it, but she definitely digs it.

The have several flavors: Chicken, Chicken with Beef, Chicken and Cheese (her favorite), and some specifically for Seniors. 

While she is a picky dog, this is still a favorite that brings her running every time I flick the pack around. I use it to top her food every other day. I believe her, and her babies (due any day now!) deserve a tasty treat every now and then. Hartz Delectables make for the perfect treat. Great for dogs of any size or age, I highly recommend this treat for your companion, or companions.

Here's a copy of their official press release for more in-depth detail:

"The Hartz Mountain Corporation introduces Delectables, the first lickable stew treat for dogs, available at Walmart, Amazon.com and select retailers around the country.

"Delectables Stew Lickable Treats for dogs represents a true innovation in the canine treat category," says Susan Burris, Brand Manager, Dog Treats, Hartz Mountain Corp.  "Perfect for small dogs, Delectables Stew is a delicious and lickable wet dog treat that provides a new occasion for treating and healthy snacking and is ideal for dog parents who love to pamper their pets." 

Ideal as an in-between meal treat or as a savory topper for dry food, Delectables Stew Lickable Treats' convenient, single-serve pouches provide dogs with appealing, low-fat treats made with real chicken, beef, cheese and vegetables, without meat by-products. Delectables Stew Lickable Treats are available in four varieties, including ChickenChicken with CheeseChicken with Beef and Chicken Senior Formula.  A single-serve package retails at about $1.00.

"Delectables Stew Lickable Treats were developed with nurturing pet parents in mind who want to ensure their dogs enjoy no-guilt treats that are scrumptious, low-fat and made with high-quality protein and vegetables," says Dr. Georgette Wilson, Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs and resident veterinarian, Hartz Mountain Corp. 

"Pet parents want to see their dog happy and nothing makes their dog happier than a mouth-watering treat," adds Burris.  "Delectables Stew Lickable Treats have such a great taste that dogs are licking their bowls clean."

Dogs that have sampled Delectables Stew Lickable Treats are generating rave reviews from their pet parents.  "Absolutely, without question, my dog's favorite treat," says Stacy.   Another pet parent wrote on Amazon.com that "my two dogs devoured this stuff and I mean DEVOURED."

*Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes only, I was no compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate

We were so excited back a few months ago when we received the email of a lifetime, if you're a parent to a preschooler. We were invited to sign up to try our luck at being chosen to host a Disney Preschool Play Date. Although, we do have play dates often, this was an opportunity for a ton of fun! Unsure of what was to come, we anxiously awaited our package of goodies. Here you can see our unboxing video and see what kind of awesome stuff was inside.

We received a Star Wars Storm Trooper (from American Tourister) luggage bag for Dallas, along with a Dory Pillow Pet. He absolutely LOVES these, and they were handy during our April tornado season as we used his luggage bag to pack up him and his sister some clothes in case we were to leave (which we did numerous times), and he took Dory as a sense of comfort. For our party, we received Mickey decorations, cups, plates, napkins, table cloth, goodie bags, Softsoap hand wash for everyone to keep clean between playing and snacking, HP Snapshots for all of the guest (so moms could capture all their precious moments), PopSecret popcorn, cupcake papers and decorations, etc.

We had to improvise for our cupcakes, instead we made red sparkly Rice Krispies to put in the papers, and put the toppers on them instead; due to the fact that several guest had different food allergies and making cupcakes would have been extremely hard to do. Nonetheless, they loved them and no one had to be left out.

We had our games that were sent in the kit, we played, though, with little success. All of our guest were ages 4 and under, and only one was 4. She was the only one who understood the games, the others weren't really interested, or didn't understand what was going on. It was a task to try to get everyone's attention so they'd participate.

We used our hats to pretend we were Wizard Mickey and Minnie. Each goodie bag contained candy, sunglasses, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers, glow in the dark foam stickers, and a few crayons and coloring pages to take home. We had HP Snapshots in them as well, which were new to the other moms, as they'd never even heard of them. Our decorating process was a tough one, as the wind kept gusting, blowing things everywhere.

It wasn't exactly neat, but the best we could do with the wind. We got a little ways into our party, and a thunderstorm blew up and a wind gust about 30 mph blew everything that was lightweight into the creek behind the pavilion at the park! While I was prepared to go in after all I could, I was informed of copperheads, cottonmouths, and leeches inside the creek. Three things I was not up for getting close to, so it got quickly swept downstream. I was absolutely upset. This day did not go anywhere near how I planned. Mother Nature, she was definitely stacking odds against me. I was unable to video the guest, as most parents preferred their kids faces not be shown on the internet, which I totally respect as there's a ton of creeps out there these days. There was a ton of worn out children by the time it was done with, they all had so much fun and played so hard. As much fun as we had, despite the upset from the way things turned out, it was definitely worth the time putting together.

I would like to thank Disney for giving me the opportunity to host such a fun play date. Although, things seemed to be a total disaster, we still had a ton of fun. Also, a big thank you to the sponsors for all the amazing things you sent for us and our fun day.

*Disclosure: I was chosen by Disney and BSM Media to host this play date. I was not compensated in any other way. 

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