Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NHV Tripsy

NHV Tripsy

A recent study of healthy young cats and healthy adult dogs found Tripsy, a veterinarian-formulated, 100% herbal supplement, may be beneficial in lowering the risk of struvite crystals, a phosphate mineral found in urinary stones in young cats as well as in reducing the risk of calcium oxalate crystals which form urinary stones in adult dogs.  Tripsy for cats and for dogs is manufactured by NHV Natural Pet Products, makers of veterinarian-approved plant-based natural supplements from organically grown and wild crafted herbs.  The study was conducted under the supervision of Joe Bartges, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN, Professor of Medicine and Nutrition, Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Veterinary Medical Center at The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

According to Dr. Joe Bartges, “When given to young cats and adult dogs, in a relatively short period of time of two weeks, the collected urine samples indicated that Tripsy significantly decreased the risk of developing urinary stones in both groups.  Although further evaluation is ongoing, the initial study results indicate that Tripsy, may be beneficial in managing struvite crystals and stones in young cats and in managing calcium oxalate crystals and stones in adult dogs.”

“At NHV we believe in improving the lives and wellbeing of animals through integrative medicine, which means using holistic care like nutrition and herbal supplements in conjunction with conventional medication,” adds Patra de Silva, President of NHV Natural Pet Products.  “We are grateful to Dr. Bartges and The University of Georgia for studying the effects of our herbal supplement Tripsy and its effectiveness in managing urinary ailments commonly found in cats and dogs.

The cause of urinary stones is unknown; however, they are often formed by naturally occurring minerals, the most common being calcium oxalate and struvite. These minerals form crystals that accumulate and grow into stones. All cats are prone to urinary stones, though some breeds are more susceptible than others, including Persian, Balinese, Burmese, Siamese, and short- and long-haired domesticated cats. Dogs, like people, can also develop a variety of bladder and kidney stones. Bladder stones (uroliths or cystic calculi), are rock-like formations of minerals that form in the urinary bladder, and are more common than kidney stones in dogs.

NHV Tripsy contains a powerful blend of natural herbs (stone root, parsley piert, wild hydrangea, gravel root, echinacea purpurea, marshmallow, and Oregon grape), which help to dissolve the stones, and may also aid in alleviating painful symptoms and inhibiting infection. This proprietary formulation was developed by a holistic vet and a master herbalist to help pets suffering from stones, kidney disease, urinary tract infections and more.
NHV NATURAL PET PRODUCTS provides veterinarian-formulated full-spectrum supplements derived from natural botanicals to support the health and well-being of pets including dogs, cats and small animals. In addition to the safe and effective manufacture of a full-line of Veterinarian-approved pet supplements that contain organically grown or ethically wild crafted herbs and botanicals to aid with over 100 pet health conditions, NHV also offers vet consultations to provide professional support and guidance for disease prevention and treatment. For more tips, visit www.nhvnaturalpetproducts.com.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Simplify Life With Pet Pita

Life with cats and dogs, as we all know, are quite joyous. I love my three dogs so much, but with hyperactive dogs such as Pitbulls, things like taking them to the vet and such can be a pain - literately. The pull and tug, straining not only themselves, but me as well. 

There's been a solution made to problems such as mine, say hello to the Pet Pita.

Pet enthusiasts who were tired of being clawed, pawed, and bitten will find the Pet Pita to be a welcome holiday gift.  When you need to groom or apply medicine to your dog or cat, you now have a way to do so while easily hold your pet in place. 

“I created the Pet Pita for myself initially ... I was on the verge of going to the vet just to give my cat Rudy flea medicine, and told myself that there just had to be a better way to carry him,” said Bryce Brandish, President of Pet Pita.

“Over the past couple of years, we have worked on developing the Pet Pita to work with nearly any pet cat or dog of any size.  In the end, we have created a solution to medicating, grooming, and transporting your dog or cat comfortably and safely,” he said.

The Pet Pita comes in three sizes: 

  • The Pet Pita is designed for small dogs and larger cats.  This Pita allows you full access to the heavily medicated and groomed areas, while maintaining a safe environment for you and your furry friend.

  • The Pup Pita is designed for your elder large dog.  This Pita allows you to lift and support either the front or rear hips and legs.  Ideal for older dogs with hip dysplasia.

  • The Cat Pita is designed for cats.  This Pita allows you full access to the heavily medicated and groomed areas, while maintaining a safe environment for you and your feline.

To purchase a Pet Pita for the holidays and beyond, visit:  www.PetPita.com.  Each one is $24.99.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Make This Holiday Season The Best With ZURU

Holly Jolly Christmas, what? It's right around the corner folks. That's right, 'tis the season for buying overpriced gifts for our young children who honestly would have loved something cheaper regardless (because my three year old wouldn't ever know what I spent on it). This year don't go broke, but make sure they're getting some of the best toys on the market this year. Let's aim to not disappoint. I, for one, will not be spending an arm and a leg on one or two toys, but instead - investing in many smaller toys. My children are 3 and 10 months, so they will never know the difference. They will be overjoyed by the immense amount of gifts 'Santa' left for them.  

Honestly, let's talk about the toys from ZURU

First off, we have those super fun looking Hamsters In A House Food Frenzy sets. These hamsters that are full of life, will keep your little one entertained for hours when they discover that they scoot, zoom, and scurry all over the place. You can buy different pieces from the Food Frenzy set to make for even more fun. Honestly, my son adores play sets like this. He would be in his room for only God knows how long, just entertaining himself. This will definitely be on our 'to-buy' list! Don't forget that the original sets and the new Food Frenzy sets can be put together for endless fun. The Food Frenzy set introduces 11 new hamsters, for your child to expand their clan of fun buddies! Can be purchased at Target, Toys R Us and Amazon.

Turn your child's room into a whole new game, with Mayka Toy Block tape. Take your imagination to new heights. Compatible with any brand of building blocks/bricks, you can stick Mayka tape on any surface to up the level of fun for your child and their friends. Stick it on a corner, upside down on a surface, and build to their heart's content. Mayka comes in three sizes and nine colors to really personalize your creations. Cut it to any length and make it how you want it. Perfect for building race tracks around the room, or making crazy foundations for sideways building on the bedroom window - because it leaves no marks and can be used on any surface! You can purchase at Walmart, Toys R Us, and Amazon.

The Fidget Cube would make the most ideal stocking stuff for the 2017 holiday season. The fidgety person in your home would love you forever as you satisfy their need to fidget with any and everything. With the Fidget Cube, they can quietly click, glide, roll and flip all their anxieties away. Not to be mistaken, this is a gift for anyone, regardless of how old you are. Made with high-quality plastic, rest assured it is durable and safe for everyone. Choose from 8 colors, and accessories, too! Available at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, CVS, Amazon, and more.

Finally, we have made it to the Tangle. The Tangle is the original fidget toy, known as a therapeutic brain toy for children and in schools. The Tangle stimulates sensory and motor skills, and has been found to stimulate and maintain attention. With that being said, it has helped to improve math and reading comprehension skills - which makes it a winner for the children. It's a highly recommended for the Special Needs population, as well. It's a puzzle, which relieves stress and a tool for creativity. Curved shapes are linked to creativity, and anyone who plays will find a spark of creativity themselves. The Tangle can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon.

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Road Trippin' This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is quickly rushing upon us. For those of you who may travel long distances, I can honestly say - I do not know your struggles. All of my family is right within a three mile area. I have known people throughout my life who took long journey's to other states for the holidays and I remember in school - my friends would tell me of these great adventures and the places they stopped at to eat from, along the way. 

If you are making your way into the Huntsville area, or simply passing through - do yourself a favor when hunger hits your family and stop at the Chick-fil-A on University Drive. Although, we do have a Chick-fil-A a whole lot closer to us, this one is just so awesome that we drove thirty minutes to it, when there was one just two minutes down the road. 

This was just a portion of the meals we had received. We headed out to celebratemy three year old son working very hard the past week to get one hundred percent potty trained! His chart for his reward stickers while doing so, had a space for when you reached a reward point. We put Chick-fil-A Dates in the spaces. He got to them very quickly so we went on a congratulatory date. We had two Chicken Sandwich Combos, a Southwest Salad, a Frozen Coffee, and (two) four piece Chicken Nugget Kid's Meals. Needless to say, I managed to snap a picture of my food. When at the window, we were asked about sauce, and I chose the Chick-fil-A sauce and oh my, it is the best thing I've ever tasted in the way of a dipping sauce (even better with the waffle fries).

Upon arrival, we noticed they had employees outside in the drive thru line taking orders in person, with tablets. I had to snap a photo of our order taker Katherine, as she was very polite and went over everything to make sure nothing was left out. She was out in the chilly weather with a bright smile on her face as both my sister and I had mentioned, there's no way we could do that out in the cold. She smiles and says it doesn't bother her one bit. That's true dedication because I can't say that I wouldn't complain even in slightly cool weather as it was yesterday. When my sister was reading our list out to her (we do this in an organized, fool-proof way), my sister asked, "What flavors do the Frosted Coffees come in?" and while I was explaining that it's simply, well...coffee flavor, Katherine explains what it's made up of and that it was just that. Exceptional service from Katherine and I believe she deserves major recognition for her hard work and dedication to her work place!

We had a fantastic experience at the CFA on University Drive, and will be back for more great times very soon! The food was fresh and hot, very delicious, and all three workers we encountered were very nice. You won't find employees more friendly that those that work at a CFA location! This restaurant is a person favorite of mine, and I can't wait to visit Huntsville again, more likely this coming Friday!

Disclaimer: I received meal cards in exchange for blog post and social media boost from Chick-fil-A on University Drive. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own, honest opinions.

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