Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Dogs Are Now #Freshpet Dogs {Review & Giveaway}

As a dog owner, you've all been through the great dog food debate that I've encountered many of times. You see countless commercials claiming to have the purest ingredients, make the biggest and healthiest puppies, help your senior dogs live so many years longer - how many of them are truly all their talked about being? I look for the first ingredient listed, that says a lot for me, I also look for higher percentage of crude fat and protein. These are things I like to be standards for my dogs, and their health. Nyla is a nearly four year old pitbull, although she isn't what I consider old, she's not a puppy anymore either. Hank, he is Nyla's puppy - an eight week old pitbull. He needs higher fat and protein to help with his journey of growth and I want him to eat what's good for him in the end. 

For the most part, their food lately has been Whole Hearted Grain Free Chicken & Pea recipe. You can purchase at your local Petco, or if you ask at the register for a Welcome To The Family puppy coupon book, there's a coupon for a free 6 lb. bag of it - if you're down for trying it! 

We recently received two coupons in the mail to try out any two Freshpet foods. I had been eyeing this for quite awhile during my frequent trips to Petco, but I wasn't sure it my picky bunch would even try it! I was on my way to Walmart when I checked my mail on the way out and found the coupons awaiting us in the box. I dreaded having to go 10 miles one way, just to go all the way to Decatur to the Petco - then I remembered, they had put in a small Freshpet refrigerator at Walmart. Whew, one bullet dodged, and got to knock everything out in one trip.

While the refrigerators here are nowhere near the size of the ones at Petco, they do have a few to choose from. We chose the big roll of chicken at the bottom for $12.86, and then the bags in the middle for $10.64. 

Excuse my floors, I will never use a steamer again, it peeled my tiles!

So, this is what we ended up with. Freshpet Select Tender Chicken with Vegetables & Brown Rice, a 6 lb roll, and a bag of Freshpet Select Tender Chicken with Crisp Carrots & Leafy Spinach. On my way back from Walmart, I had to make a pit stop at my parent's house, where they have Hank's sister, Millie. So, I let Millie be my absolute first to sample the bag of Freshpet. 

Needless to say, Millie jumped on the bag before I could even pour it and tore into it. Also, as you see, the kitten, Milo, he was very interested in it as well. He managed to grab a few bites from around her and he loved it just as much as she did. 

As you can see, this is as pure as it gets. The first ingredient is chicken, which was a winner for me. It made with 3 lbs. of chicken, 10 oz of chicken liver, 14 oz of vegetables, 4 oz of brown rice, and 7 oz of eggs. That's everything your dog needs from a meal. One thing I wasn't very keen on was, it has only 10% crude protein and 6% crude fat. So, instead of feeding this alone, I mixed it in with their dog food, so they still got the higher amounts of protein and fat that I prefer to be in their diets, and they got the delightful taste of fresh, super healthy food with it. 

Now, I finally introduced the bag of Freshpet to these two fatties. As you can see, it was driving their noses crazy that they couldn't figure out how to get in the bag to chow down. I finally opened it, they liked it but I'm unsure if it was the consistency or what, but they wasn't very into it alone. So, I mixed it with their normal dry food, and voila! Just what these fat heads wanted.

These are the two foods I mixed together to meet my dogs nutritional goals, along with pleasing their taste buds.

 Ahh! That's so much better with the crunch in it!

I won't tell a lie, the bag smells so good that you'll be tempted to try it yourself. I'm serious, the aroma is so fantastic. You can tell how fresh it is. The roll didn't smell quite as strong but they like it just the same! A few of you probably think, "Woah! That's expensive!" Well, it is, but you're feeding your dog only the freshest, healthiest ingredients on the market. You can't really expect to pay lesser than that when it cost more to use better ingredients for Freshpet to make this for your dog. The bag with my two pitbulls, it didn't last long at all. We are still on the roll though. The benefits from this caught my attention because Nyla is still recovering her weight and such from the puppies. The puppies pulled her down until she was really underweight, and it's been an eight week journey to get her back to her normal - pushing 60 pound weight. Things like this give her the nutrition her body urgently needs to maintain this weight, and healthy state, along with giving her a new, fresh taste.

It helps Hank while he's in his quickly developing stage. He needs all the best to help his growth, as he's just eight weeks old. So far he's been growing like a weed, so something is doing the trick - and Freshpet can only help him even more. I really enjoy that there's so many eggs in it, as eggs are fantastic for a dogs coat health! I really don't have anything bad to say about Freshpet, and I'm glad that one of you lucky winners will get the chance to win your very own set of two coupons for TWO free Freshpet products!

Giveaway is done easily through Rafflecopter and winner will be chosen and contacted August 7th.

*Disclaimer: I was sent two coupons for two free Freshpet products to facilitate this review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions were 100% my own, honest opinions.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Save Tons At Petco With Groupon Coupons!

As the owner of two pitbulls, I like to spoil my dogs. Now, spoiling can be expensive as we all know - especially buying top brand items such as food, beds, and toys for them. Lately, I've become quite the coupon queen at Petco. Utilizing tools such as being a Pals Rewards cardholder renders discounts, price matching online sales from their site - in store, and using coupons they provide you in the 'Welcome To The Family' coupon book for dogs - that all saves a ton. Although there is times where circumstances doesn't allow me to go in store so I have to shop online. In these cases, I like to check in at Groupon and see what kind of offers others are using. Groupon list Petco promo codes to get general discounts, free shipping, discounts on grooming items and so much more. 

Hank, my 7 week old pitbull.

Nyla, Hank's mother, 3 year old pitbull.

While I have used them a few times before, after checking in after a good while, I believe I will become a dedicated Groupon searcher again. Not only does Groupon list online promo codes, but in-store deals and sales as well. This stacks up nicely for me, as I'm always looking to save with Nyla and Hank. Forgot to check before going on your department store trip? Check in on your phone so you don't miss a beat! 

I hope you find as much joy in Groupon-ing for pet deals at Petco as much as I do!

**Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own, personal and honest opinions.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hartz Delectable Squeeze Ups

I've covered quite a bit of products on behalf of Hartz, especially their line of Delectables Lickable Treats. They have them for dogs and cats. Hartz makes very affordable, yet top notch pet treats and products. 

This post is a feature for their new Delectables Squeeze Ups for cats. We received many packs, including tuna flavor and chicken flavor. While I personally only own dogs, my mother has several kittens and a cat. The cat and her three kittens are semi feral, they wondered up out of nowhere. They started feeding them to try to calm them down, but only the mother cat took to people. Although, it seemed she was missing - most likely taking care of her babies, I had Milo on the porch to test them. Milo is a kitten himself, whom my sister found in the parking lot at her work. He didn't do well indoors, and she lives in the city. So, she sent him out to the country to live with my parents and their cats and dog. 

Hartz is always kind enough to throw in some cat toys with the treats - which we have already covered these two in our last post (so check it out!). There's four pouches to a pack, and I wasn't really sure how Milo was going to take to it, because honestly, he has seemed like a distanced cat since he was brought out. Well, I opened up one of the tuna flavored Squeeze Ups, called him over and he went to town chomping on it!


I'm really thinking that with the help of these Squeeze Ups, I can gain the trust of Piper and her kittens.

If your cat doesn't like the concept of the tube, which I can imagine not every cat will, then you can squeeze it on top of their food as a topper. This way all cats can enjoy regardless of how fond they are of the treat in a tube concept.

This is a great way to have fun treat time with your cat. Once they realize how much deliciousness lies within, they'll come running at first sight every time. 

Keep in mind that Squeeze Ups are strictly intended to be given intermittently as a treat, not to be used to supplement a full, healthy meal in any way.

**Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review purposes. I was also compensated as well. All opinions are 100% my own, and honest opinions. I highly recommend this to cat owners, regardless of age of your cat!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Don't Glue, Simply Sugru! *review*

I know everyone reading this has noticed, these days, absolutely everything is techy. And I mean everything. Everything requires cables, whether is be the HDMI cord for your Xbox One or your charging cables for your iPhones. Sucky thing about iPhone cords, and I'm sure you've all been here before....they tend to break so easily. Along with all your devices, you have ten millions cords and cables running all over your desk and underneath it - getting tangled up in the rollers on the bottom of your computer chair. These are the things that irritate me and make my life a tad annoying. 

But have no fear, Sugru is here!

Sugru is one awesome product. I gifted my kit to my dad for Father's Day as he's a super unorganized person and I thought he needed it much more than me! The picture below is exactly what we done, along with repairing a few frayed cords. My dad is super picky and thought his desk was too cluttered for a picture so I had to opt for one from Sugru. 

Sugru is simple. Place it, shape it, and when it has had time to set up, it's rubber! How cool is that? There is so many things you could fix with this. 

We had a pack of red, green, white, silver, and black Sugru. It came with two magnets (think pushing the magnet into the Sugru and when it dries, you have a place for your kitchen knife), a toothpick (to shape the Sugru for cables to pop into), two tennis balls (coming later in the post), and two little black snaps (for making an easy snap-tastic way to hold your charger to your car dash!).

You can use Sugru in your shower to make shower hooks (for your loofahs), you can make hooks in the kitchen for pans, and my favorite, an iPad holder. The iPad holder would be a dream come true this holiday season whenever you're watching a video or reading on a recipe. 

They have packs of Sugru you can buy, if you're not doing any one thing in particular, or you can buy kits which have everything you need to get you started on your next project. The kits include: Organise Small Spaces, Hacks For Your Home, Create and Craft, Rebel Tech Kit, and Make Everything Magnetic.

I absolutely loved helping my dad get everything fixed and organized with Sugru, because it was super easy! Just remember, let it set up for 24 hours to make sure its rubbery and everything is going to stay put. I am also going to be putting some stuff on Instagram (follow me @SettledInTheSouth) of ideas to do, as I took two packs for myself to play with but due to having a litter of 8 puppies arrive at the beginning of June, I've had my hands SO full that I haven't gotten around to using it yet! I'm thinking of using it to hold my dogs food bowl off ground so she can eat her food without the puppies getting into it. I definitely recommend Sugru and for $20 or less, you can try it for yourself! 

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