Friday, April 29, 2016

My Green Fills Dryer Angel Scent Booster

Spring is here, and the almighty spring cleaning has started for most, if not all of us moms. I have went from one end of my home to the other cleaning. Sorting through all the boxes I just threw back into the storage room because I couldn't burn due to it being cold, rainy, and windy. Although I can't use cold for much of an excuse, it was near 80 degrees at Christmas here. I had a case of the winter time clutter syndrome. 

Well, after I managed to get the house cleaned, I started on laundry. Not just like the normal every day load of laundry, but pulling out summer clothes, and washing winter clothes to store for the year. Let me be the one to tell you this, for us, that was a ton of laundry. I never thought I'd get caught up, heck, I'm just now starting to get half way caught up.

I had an awesome addition to my laundry room arsenal arrive just in time for this. Some of you may remember my review on My Green Fills laundry solutions (if not, check it out here). It's a subscription that allows you to choose how much of an awesome line of laundry cleaning solutions (such as all natural detergent, fabric softener, chlorine-free whitener) gets delivered to your door every month (or as you need it). They ship you jugs for the mix (it's packets that are mixed with water, allowing you to not have to buy a ton of jugs, it will be your last), and if you are not satisfied and decide to discontinue use and service, you are just asked to send back the jugs.

My Green Fills recently introduced what was to me, the missing link to their line. The dryer angel is hand stitched by members of a ministry in Jamaica. What is absolutely great is - there is no toxic or harmful substances or ingredients used, just the great scent of essential oils (which also have been linked to enlightening your mood, relieving stress, etc.), so while reducing static and enhancing the scent of your fabrics, you will actually find yourself in emotional bliss. The citrus scent of the essential oils will just make you absolutely joyed to do laundry. No joke, I enjoy it because I look forward to getting a whiff of the clothes when they are nice and warm - straight out of the dryer. 

As you can see, the angel is perfectly stitched. The bottom of the angel is full of scent boosters, and last 30 days - or 30 loads, whichever comes first. They send you an extra little bag of boosters for when the scent starts to fade out of your angel. You just open the bottom of your angel, insert it - and button it back up, and forget about it - that is until you open the dryer and that amazing scent fills the laundry room. While mine is still fragrant and I have done so many loads of laundry I have lost count, it is definitely worth buying. I know I have done way more than 30 loads and it's still doing great. 

The extra bag can be used for far more than just your dryer, too. Even my husband loved the scent, and he is a rather particular person, especially when it comes to something that will fill the air with a new scent.  I hung mine onto my fan, rigged it up there, and let it fill my bedroom first, and I loved it so much, I moved it to the kitchen for the kitchen and livingroom to have their turn. He came in from work, and exclaims, "What smells so good in here?!", and well, after I showed it to him, I lost my extra one to him because he hung it around his rear view mirror in his truck. There is no doubt about it, we are in love with the dryer angel, and I honestly think you all would love it as well. As a mom, I know how hard it is to get some of those stubborn stinky smells left over by a toddler out of clothes - their detergent line did great, but something was missing....with using the dryer angel, they smelled amazing. As a wife whose husband works at a wood plant, which is a warehouse with big fans blowing hot air as a way of cooling - my husband's clothes smell horrid. The sweat is just awful. The dryer angel topped the cake, and left them smelling so fresh, which is a major step from what they smell like when he is done with them. 

My Green Fills is an amazing company, who keeps the customers best interest at heart. They put their time into these great products to help you, and your family living a better life, with less toxic ingredients and products, and all for an exceptionally low price that can't be beat for eco-friendly, all natural laundry products. You can pre-order their dryer angel for just $24, and believe me, it is definitely worth every penny.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes only. I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are 100% my own.

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