Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Green Fills Review

Okay, I'm going to start this off with a quick question. How many of you would really like to live more eco-friendly, but when you looked into it, you backed off of the idea because the prices were outrageous? 

  I know how it is, I have been there so many times. I feel like you're doing your whole family a favor if you are living eco-friendly. No artificial anythings, all real, natural ingredients. Why not give it a shot? I have looked at so many "natural" laundry soaps for my sons clothes, because a lot of detergents cause him to rash up. I have one problem though, I just can't afford to pay $10+ for a small bottle.

I got the opportunity to try out My Green Fills. They send you ONE bottle to reuse, and you can choose how frequent you receive the refills also, every one, two, or three months. 

I received three bottles, and one jar with the refills for them. I got the Signature Scent Laundry Soap, Fabric Softener, Color Safe Brightener Oxy Booster, and the Enzyme Stain Remover.

The bottle that states, "This is not yours!" is for you to give to a friend or family member, and they can go to the web address on the paper attached to it, and receive a free Unscented Laundry Soap refill, so they can try it, and most likely switch to a better alternative.

So as I said, you get the bottles one time, since you won't need to buy anymore after your transition. You get whatever refills you order in the little packets. See that dotted line on top of the back label?  You fill the bottle up to there with luke warm water, not to exceed ninety degrees. There is instructions on the back telling you how much to use, and what other product to use it with, for the best results. Fill to that line, and add in the mix within my packets. Shake it up really good, so all that amazing, natural cleaning products get mixed it nicely. Then, you can move onto the good part, which is trying these out for yourself. I honestly love these products as opposed to the big brand name. Just let me tell you.

Signature Scent Laundry Soap: Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Tetra Sodium Salt, Sodium Citrate. One refill makes for 50 loads! Cleaned way better than I could have ever imagined!

Fabric Softener: Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Tetra Sodium Salt, Potassium Sorbate, Organic Essential Oils (Including Lemon Tea Tree & Lavender). This made my clothes so extremely soft. Virtually no static at all! The scent leaves them smelling phenomenal, the lavender is very nice! This was my favorite product!!

Color Safe Brightener: Ingredients: Potassium Persulfate Salt (Oxygen Booster). The scent is kind of strong, but it brightened some of my absolute dullest clothes! It is a lifesaver, especially with a toddler in the home.

Enzyme Stain Remover: Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Enzyme Blend. I absolutely love this! This paired with the color safe brightener, will leave you will clothes that look like they just came straight from the store. I added fabric softener to it, to make them smell good, and keep them soft as well. My husbands white undershirts had horrible sweat stains, and now they are whiter than ever!

I definitely think everyone should atleast consider transitioning to an eco-friendly, environment friendly laundry care. You would eliminate the risk of rashes and reactions to the harsh ingredients that are in normal detergents. You are doing a huge favor for the planet by using one bottle, as your reducing the amount of litter and garbage in the landfills. Plus, for the low price of a refill, you can wash 50 loads of laundry, and you're saving a ton of money. I definitely think it is worth trying, and investing a few dollars into. I highly suggest their products.

My shelf in my laundry room is finally complete with the RIGHT products!

**Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for a full, honest review of the products. This post contains my own, 100% honest opinions.

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  1. Thank you for this review....allergys to detergents make clothes washing rough here, going to see about ordering some.


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