Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hartz Delectables for Cats/ Just For Cats toys

Hartz has become a brand name that I've attached myself to. They have a great, quality, wide variety of pet products. For me, I have only ever paid attention to their dog products. I have a laundry room full of 9 pitbulls right now (mom and 8 babies), so things such as puppy pads, and toys have been a necessity. 

I knew they had cat products, but I really never paid attention to them, as I don't personally have any cats. Although, I do not, my mom has one with kittens (which she has hidden in the woods), and my sister has two. When I received these products, I knew I had to try with my mom's cat, Piper. Now here's a little background on Piper - she was a wandering stray, who came up to my mom's porch in search of food. She was very skittish and refused any human contact. For some reason one day, after disappearing for a few days, she came back ready to socialize. Now, her social skills aren't top notch, but with these Hartz Delectables lickable cat treats - we have an upper hand on her.

My mom and I, we decided that our first try would be of Delectables Stew Tuna & Chicken. She absolutely fell in love with it - and I mean to the point of her being social, circling our feet with constant meowing. I think we have started a new beginning with a cat that normally hates people. 

Hartz Delectables isn't only good for what we are doing, but it feeds your cat with a rewarding treat that's full of healthy ingredients. They added vegetables into the pouches, so it's even more ideal for your beloved cats health. You can feed to them as we did, or when I tried the line of Delectables with my dog - I poured it on top of her food, which I like to think it gave it a delightful twist. They have pouches made for Seniors, and even a Kitten formula - I think their life stages are great, as it keeps it to what they specifically need, and can have at a certain age. 

Now onto our toys! We received four toys, one of which we actually used with the puppies, the Just For Cats Gone Fishin'. 

Our puppies absolutely love chasing and fighting with this. We put the suction cup end holder on our refrigerator and watched them go at it. It really keeps them amused, and also with all the running and jumping they do - they get adequate exercise as well. So, I say if you have a dog and cat, this works perfectly for both of them.

Next, we had the Just For Cats Bell Mouse.

My, oh my. I let my brother-in-law and his girlfriend get these two for their cat, Nyke (Pronounced Nike). Nyke was having a ball with these. She knocked them around the floor the whole hour I was there, and they said she kept going long after I'd left as well. This is perfect for keeping your cat entertained, and otherwise, out of everything else! I know Nyke is always on the counters knocking stuff down while searching for just anything to play with, so I think this will keep her in line, and out of everyone's stuff.

Nyke also tried out the Just For Cats Twirl and Whirl toy as well. 

She swat and batted at this thing for awhile. It's filled with catnip, so they let her have it, and she was already wore out from the last toy - andddd she kind of just laid down and chewed on it for awhile. The next day, this is what she played with all day. I couldn't exactly get photos of Nyke because she's an extremely aggressive cat against everyone but her owner. My brother-in-law's girlfriend is the only person who can get reasonably close to her. 

Lastly, we had the Just For Cats Roll About Mouse.

Piper being, as we suspect, a bit older - this was the ideal toy for her. She enjoyed laying down and just knocking it around in front of her. This one is also catnip filled so she gave her undivided attention to this thing. She chewed on it, kept cycling through from one paw to the other to claw it nonstop. It never ripped or tore in any way, so these are definitely great quality toys. 

If you enjoy pets as much as I do, feel free to follow me on Instagram to see my mom's cat Piper, along with my pitbulls - try out all kinds of pet products. Who better to judge, than the dog or cat, themselves? @settledinthesouth and feel free to follow to see updates as soon as they are posted.

*Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own, personal opinions. I was also compensated for this post. 

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