Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate

We were so excited back a few months ago when we received the email of a lifetime, if you're a parent to a preschooler. We were invited to sign up to try our luck at being chosen to host a Disney Preschool Play Date. Although, we do have play dates often, this was an opportunity for a ton of fun! Unsure of what was to come, we anxiously awaited our package of goodies. Here you can see our unboxing video and see what kind of awesome stuff was inside.

We received a Star Wars Storm Trooper (from American Tourister) luggage bag for Dallas, along with a Dory Pillow Pet. He absolutely LOVES these, and they were handy during our April tornado season as we used his luggage bag to pack up him and his sister some clothes in case we were to leave (which we did numerous times), and he took Dory as a sense of comfort. For our party, we received Mickey decorations, cups, plates, napkins, table cloth, goodie bags, Softsoap hand wash for everyone to keep clean between playing and snacking, HP Snapshots for all of the guest (so moms could capture all their precious moments), PopSecret popcorn, cupcake papers and decorations, etc.

We had to improvise for our cupcakes, instead we made red sparkly Rice Krispies to put in the papers, and put the toppers on them instead; due to the fact that several guest had different food allergies and making cupcakes would have been extremely hard to do. Nonetheless, they loved them and no one had to be left out.

We had our games that were sent in the kit, we played, though, with little success. All of our guest were ages 4 and under, and only one was 4. She was the only one who understood the games, the others weren't really interested, or didn't understand what was going on. It was a task to try to get everyone's attention so they'd participate.

We used our hats to pretend we were Wizard Mickey and Minnie. Each goodie bag contained candy, sunglasses, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers, glow in the dark foam stickers, and a few crayons and coloring pages to take home. We had HP Snapshots in them as well, which were new to the other moms, as they'd never even heard of them. Our decorating process was a tough one, as the wind kept gusting, blowing things everywhere.

It wasn't exactly neat, but the best we could do with the wind. We got a little ways into our party, and a thunderstorm blew up and a wind gust about 30 mph blew everything that was lightweight into the creek behind the pavilion at the park! While I was prepared to go in after all I could, I was informed of copperheads, cottonmouths, and leeches inside the creek. Three things I was not up for getting close to, so it got quickly swept downstream. I was absolutely upset. This day did not go anywhere near how I planned. Mother Nature, she was definitely stacking odds against me. I was unable to video the guest, as most parents preferred their kids faces not be shown on the internet, which I totally respect as there's a ton of creeps out there these days. There was a ton of worn out children by the time it was done with, they all had so much fun and played so hard. As much fun as we had, despite the upset from the way things turned out, it was definitely worth the time putting together.

I would like to thank Disney for giving me the opportunity to host such a fun play date. Although, things seemed to be a total disaster, we still had a ton of fun. Also, a big thank you to the sponsors for all the amazing things you sent for us and our fun day.

*Disclosure: I was chosen by Disney and BSM Media to host this play date. I was not compensated in any other way. 

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