Saturday, April 22, 2017

How To Help Your Toddler Keep Their Popsicle Pushed Up

Summer time is right around the corner, even though the temperatures outside make it seem as if it's already here. As it gets warmer, and warmer outside, our toddlers tend to want to spend most of their days outside playing in dirt, with their bubble machines, on their slip 'n slides, or whatever else their little hearts desire. 

With all this fun being endured, they will most likely want to stop for a break, for a cool treat such as popsicles or snow cones (you can get cheap snow cone makers at Walmart for around $20). Although, you theoretically could go for the popsicles on a stick, you can save money, and get over three times the amount of icy, delicious treats and buy the ice pops you push up in the plastic. The downside? Your toddler is like mine and can't manage to hold it pushed up, and brings it to you every two minutes demanding to push it up and hold it for them. Worry no more, 

Here's a parent hack, just for you!

Fold the bottom up, and secure with a paper clip. This holds it securely, and if you explain not to take it off, or it'll fall - then it will stay held up and you can get your important yard chores done while they enjoy their snack without demanding you 'fix it' every couple of minutes. 

No need to thank me, but you're welcome!

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