Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ahoy Matey! I See Me! {Review}

Ahoy matey! That's been the catchphrase of the last couple of months around here, along with 'Ahoy ship mates!'. My son has became a complete Jake and the Neverland Pirates fanatic recently, and therefore, when I seen the 'My Very Own Pirate Tale' gift set from I See Me!, I knew he would be ecstatic over it!

When we seen the box left on our porch, I pointed it out and got him excited. He kept saying it was a box, and it was a present. So in we came, and I sat him down with the 'present'. I opened the box enough that he could manage the rest and he started ripping it open!

The first thing he said was, 'It's a pirate book!', which to this day is still his pick of all the books in his room! This gift set comes with a personalize pirate hat as well, and that made his imagination go wild, as we read his book about the great ship mate Dallas, and he got to bring it even more to life with his hat!

I don't know if I have ever seen him this excited over anything I received for review. He's gotten a few books and gift sets from I See Me! before, but I firmly believe this one was by far his absolute favorite!

These sets are much fun for every child. The book tells a tale of a pirate captain looking for his destined deckhand, which results in your child's name being spelled out in the clues that are found. It's great fun for any child, and also is a great way to help them learn how to spell their name, if they don't know how yet. We did accomplish that, so it's good for way more than just great fun! There's also personalized stickers with your child's name on them as well, along with characters from the story. I won't lie, he was far more interested in the stickers before he was the book!

I love I See Me! and their ability to entice a child to be interested in reading, and in a way that doesn't seem like learning, or that's boring. This is a great way to get a younger kid more interested in a book, rather than a tablet or tv. This set cost a mere $49.99, but is so worth it as it will spark an immediate interest in reading, since they will be the star of the story!

*Disclaimer: I was sent this book for review purposes only. I was not compensated in any additional way. All opinions are 100%, my own honest opinions.

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