Monday, February 20, 2017

Save Money With Luvs Diapers (Get $1 Off!)

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned, but I'm sure I have at some point or another. The brand of diaper you buy is seriously, a very big deal. Around here, our main brand is Luvs. Why? Because with Luvs Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus technology, we can make it all night with pure confidence that no one will have an accident and wet their clothes (and bedding). 

We support Luvs because not only are they super affordable, but they are a great diaper for the price. I have to buy diapers for not one child, but TWO. That can get expensive with most brands, and most of the time, those brands aren't even capable of holding up to sudden accidents. I tell you what, they have saved me big time with our one month old daughter. You think it's only boys who pee all over the place when you get their diaper off for a changing, well you would be wrong. My daughter will start to pee right as your about to take off the diaper, or right as you undo the tabs - getting ready to slide it out from under her. I can frantically re-position the tabs, and be rest assured that Luvs will absorb every last drip, no matter how much I think the diaper can't hold anymore (girls seem to pee so much overnight - way more than my son ever did between changes). 

Luvs are cotton soft, with super stretchy, and easy fastening tabs which are very ideal for your baby's comfort. They even have a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied. Doesn't get much better than that, my friend. 

This month you can print a $1 off coupon for any Luvs (package or box). This is great when paired with store sales on them, or store coupons on Luvs - then you will come out with major savings! You can go to here to print your coupon at home. Keep an eye out, as I often use coupons and sometimes can find slightly higher coupons for Luvs. You can redeem this coupon at any mass, discount, or grocery store that sells Luvs. If you plan on buying more than one pack, I do believe you can print a coupon from that site once a day (worth a try for confirmation anyways).

*Disclaimer: This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

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