Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Review *Holiday Gift Guide 2016*

During these special days, the holidays, all I can think of is not just providing my son with an awesome Christmas (which I think we done a rockin' job, by the way) but getting things ready for his little sister who is expected to make her arrival around a month after Christmas. 

Which brings me to the point, during Christmas time, don't forget the expecting mothers. Also, keep in mind that the gift doesn't necessarily have to be for them as many prefer the extra things for baby. So, this year, get something that will be heartwarming for mom now, and baby later. 

Consider buying those who are expecting a gift from My Baby's Heartbeat Bear. These (incredibly soft) stuffed animals are a keepsake to help always bring the parents back to that special moment, hearing their baby's heartbeat before they ever had the chance to lay eyes upon such a sweet blessing. 

The little heart you see in the box, that's the recorder. Flip the switch to record and you can capture up to 20 seconds of recording, of baby's heartbeat, or if you desire, a sweet message from you or baby's older sibling. Although, I have not recorded her heartbeat, I'm considering letting my son record "I Love You". 

When I was in contact with the company pertaining to this review, I requested anything fitting for a girl. We don't have a special theme, and I'm not picky. When this cute giraffe came in, I was so amazed by how stinking adorable it was! I had big brother help me get it out of the box, and boy, was it so very soft. I seriously have never felt of such a soft stuffed animal! 

So, a few weeks back, I was full of energy finally, and decided big brother and I would take control of the added energy and renovate (and decorate) for sister. He was so excited, I let him help me get her pack 'n play fixed up. We put a blanket down in the napper, put her pink blanket in there, and finished it off with her 11" plush giraffe. I really don't think it could be any cuter!

After doing this, I encountered a minor issue. Forgetting that big brother loves farm and zoo animals, he started sneaking over to the pack 'n play and snatching up her giraffe! I sat him down and explained, "You have your bunny rabbit (from his I See Me! Easter book set) and this is for sister" with hope that would help. We woke up the next morning to him snuggling with both his bunny and this giraffe. He finally took hold to the idea, and as we grow closer to her arrival, he's been laying it down in the napper, covering it up with this pink blanket, telling it good night - nearly every night

If you are like me, I think having him record "I Love You" into the recorded will help to build that strong bond that I hope they have. I can't wait for her to make her appearance, and to start sharing photos of her with items - like this giraffe - on my Instagram. This is definitely something to purchase (for just $35) for a Christmas gift, or for a baby shower present. I think this is a gift that's guaranteed to put a smile on any expecting mother's face. 

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own, honest opinions. I was not compensated in any other way.

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