Saturday, December 10, 2016

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden *Holiday Gift Guide 2016*

Decorations and holiday scents are the sights and smells of this time of year. I for one don't get too into the Christmas spirit, as far as decor and scents. I have a two year old 'nephew', who is very hands on with everything he finds - especially a Christmas tree. For this reason, we have a small table top tree until next year, when *hopefully* he will understand he can't bother it. As for the scents, I absolutely hate the usual scents of the holiday season such as pine and cinnamon. They give me headaches, and they just aren't delightful to me.

I like to decorate more 'naturally' year round with my favorite piece of technology in my household, my Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden (purchase here for just $59.95). Now, don't be fooled by the name, you can absolutely plant more than herbs in it. 

The Click & Grow is a planter, which is very compact and I have found to fit just about anywhere. The refill cartridges have seeds already planted into their special soil, all you do is put the domes on (which help with germination), plug it in (the top arm is LED lights), and fill up the tank with water (until the level rises even with the base of the Click & Grow). Then, other than occasionally checking to see where the level is for water, you can basically forget about it. 

I have tried numerous refills, and I have even planted my own seeds in the soil when the refills I bought had died (don't expect it to be quick, they last for a long time). This time, I opted for the Lavender. Nice and beautiful floral accents for my kitchen once they are fully grown, and an amazing source of a relaxing and welcoming fragrance. I do have to say the Lavender has been the quickest growing refill I've tried so far. 

^ I started these refills October 30, this picture above was taken November 4, if that tells you how quickly they came up.

^ Progress as of  November 8, they had grown a good bit - definitely getting some height to them.

 ^ By November 17, they were starting to get very fragrant. 

In this photo above, I went without taking photos of it throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, plus I was putting together my holiday gift guide so I had skipped a bit. Between November 17 and December 3, these Lavender plants really hit a spurt and shot straight up. I have never grown Lavender before so I thought maybe they were a plant that grew straight up and flowered. 

As you can see, I quickly realized by today (December 10) that they become vine like. I have some flowering finally happening and the fragrance is very strong and noticeable. I really haven't done anything at all to accomplish these perfect plants. Just watered them when they need it (it really isn't often at all). 

You can grow anything in these, and they have refills which are three plant cartridges in a box for $19.99. They have a wide variety from Chile Peppers, Basil, Cilantro, Lavender and more. 

If three plants aren't enough for you, check into their Wall Farm and Mini Wall Farm. The Mini holds 34 plants, and starts at $399. The regular sized Wall Farm holds 51 plants, and starts at $799.

This is a great way to simultaneously grow 34-51 plants, which can be a variety - making meal time easier and so much more healthier for you and your family! Both the Smart Herb Garden and Wall Farms would make a perfect gift this holiday season. Don't miss out and go grab one for yourself or someone else this holiday season!

Kind Regards, Desiree.

*Disclaimer: I was sent these refills for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own, personal opinions. I was no compensated in any other way.

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