Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology Review *Holiday Gift Guide 2016*

Coming into the third day of my Holiday Gift Guide, I must say, I have been woo'ed and impressed by the products featured. The feature of today's post has been a life changer for me. Our home is 90% hardwood or tile. With being 29 weeks into my pregnancy, as you can imagine, sweeping is really hard, using a dust pan - even harder. I have carpet in my son's bedroom, and in one of my closets - both of which had not had a good vacuum ran over them in two years.

With that said, here is the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology. I tell you, if I opened this as a gift on Christmas, someone may have to make sure I'm okay. This would tickle me pink!

The Shark Rocket Complete is very lightweight. It comes with an accessory bag, and a few attachments - my favorite being the TruePet Motorized Brush. Having a 50 lb. pitbull sleep on the couch every now and then, she tends to shed some. I don't like seeing little white hairs on my couch and it was really no other way except to wash the cushion covers - every single time she laid on them...but now I can run this over them and it quickly pulls up everything you can imagine off the cushions.

Besides being amazing as a whole, this vacuum breaks down into more handy things. It can be a full sized vacuum, a handheld vacuum, and throw on the main tube with an attachment on the end - reach those cobwebs that have come to life in the corner of your ceiling, or clean off the ceiling fan with ease.

Excuse the fact that mine is filled with dirt - I had just finished using it on half of the house. The cord is 30' which is so perfect for me. I hate having to stop to jump from plugin to plugin, and this just makes life so much easier for me. The Shark Rocket Complete has dual brush rolls, one to help when on bare floors, and one to help get deep into your carpet to ensure a clean room.

Here in North Alabama, we are suffering from extreme drought conditions. It has seriously been months since we have seen any measurable rain amounts. With that being said, it's so extremely easy for the ac unit to bring in dust and dirt with the air from outside near the unit. I would sweep over spots in the house a million times and there would still be dust stuck on the floor. Most of the time, in places to tight for this big ol' belly to get to. Now, I can hold my handle down lower and glide the Shark Rocket right under the table or wherever it may be and it takes up ALL of the dust and dirt that was visible. This is incredible to me.

The brush rolls have came a long way. My dad bought a Shark Navigator back in 2012 after finally replacing their home, which was lost to the tornado outbreak in 2011. Back with those models, the brush rolls didn't easily come out (may not have been removable at all), but this model has two buttons on top of the main bottom base, it opens up a compartment where you can easily remove your brush rolls to clean them. I showed this to my dad and he was absolutely amazed. This makes things so much easier, because believe it or not, you will have everything from hair to strings wrapped super tight around them in no time at all.

I recently began nesting some, trying to keep everything as nice and neat - and clean - as possible because with only about 10 weeks left before little sister comes, I want to make sure she comes home to a nice and clean environment. I use this on a daily basis - if my body isn't aching all over, and so far we have came a long way on cleanliness. When I go over my livingroom, I never quite realize just how dirty is was until I went over it. You can run it along the edges of the couches or whatever and it cleans the edges just as well as it does right in front of the vacuum.

My only complaint is, the handle and motor are just too heavy for it to freely stand alone. You have to prop it up against a wall or something for it to stand up. For me, I wish it had the capabilities of most vacuums where I could stand it up in the middle of the room if need be, but it's not possible. Other than that, I really can't find anything at all wrong with it!

Here's a video from Shark showing all of the vacuums features:

As you can see, it is an amazing machine for sure. One that your wife or mother would absolutely love to have under your tree this year if she is constantly reminding you how badly she needs a new vacuum cleaner. Being so lightweight, this would be great for your grandma, too. These vacuums run about $259, and are well worth the price. Don't forget to swing by Sharks website to purchase one this holiday season, the recipient will be thrilled.

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes only. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own, honest opinions. 

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