Thursday, November 17, 2016

Print From Anywhere With The HP Sprocket *Holiday Gift Guide 2016*

The closer I get to my due date, the more I have come to realize - I haven't printed off hardly any photos of my son. This normally isn't a big deal to me, but considering I recently went through my phone and noticed how many photos I had - memories, that I hadn't printed off, I really got to thinking. What if something were to happen to my phone? I wouldn't have all these precious memories of him, or things we have done together.

With the new HP Sprocket, I can print two-inch by three-inch photos anywhere. That may not seem like much to you, but for me, I can finally print these photos as soon as I take them - if I desire. The HP Sprocket doesn't require ink, just keep a refill of HP Zink Photo Paper on hand and you are ready for anything. 

The Sprocket is small enough to conveniently fit in your purse, console of your car, diaper bag, just anywhere, really. It does have to be occasionally charged, and comes with the USB charging cable for this. I have found that it stays charged for a long time. You connect it via Bluetooth, then print away! This is great as wifi and internet isn't required so you really can print anywhere! It really doesn't get any simpler than this in terms of a printer.

But wait! Before you try to print with your new Sprocket, make sure you have these two things!

A box of Zink 2" x 3" Photo Paper (20 Count)

The HP Sprocket App (without it, you won't be printing anything!)

Go to your App Store and search for HP Sprocket, you'll see this icon (last app in the row).

Then, once it's downloaded to your phone or tablet - go to the app and connect all social media channels you desire, so your Sprocket can print photos straight from your feeds. Don't want to connect social media accounts? No biggie, just go to your camera roll and print whatever you want!

This is of my Instagram feed, once you select a photo, if you wish, you will see Edit in the top corner, press that and you can crop, add borders, text, filters, and so much more to your photo to make your very own creations. 

The Sprocket makes it so easy to print off photos for family members of memories, especially during the holidays - like all of the grandchildren at Thanksgiving dinner at grandma's house. What's better than that? The back peels off and is sticky, so it can be stuck on any surface. I find that this is great for decorating a small area of the bedroom wall, or the refrigerator. This would be ideal for anyone, and would make an exceptional stocking stuffer for your middle or high schooler who loves to keep pictures with their friends. This would allow them to print their friends their own copies, right on the spot! I would gift this to anyone who loves to print and share photos, truly the perfect gift for Christmas this year! You can purchase both at Best Buy, the Sprocket will cost $129.99, and the box of Zink Photo Paper will cost $9.99 for 20 sheets of the paper.

*Disclaimer: I was sent this for review purposes for being on the HP Millennial Influencer Panel. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own, honest opinions.

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