Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ninja Coffee Bar System Review *Holiday Gift Guide 2016*

It's happening, it's finally happening. Winter weather is finally starting to arrive here in Alabama, and I personally couldn't be any more excited! Nothing gets me in the mood for Thanksgiving and Christmas like cool days, cold nights, hot chocolate with my little monkey (he's two), and holiday movies. I recently got the opportunity to try out a product that would make the colder days enjoyable for anyone, and makes those hot days a little better, too. 

I present to you all, the Ninja Coffee Bar System. This is the holy grail of kitchen appliances in my opinion, and now that I've had the chance to get one and use it, I couldn't live without it.

This coffee machine can do it all, from making individual coffee cups to full carafes. You can choose from classic, rich, or over ice brew choices, and there's even options for specialty and cafe forte brews. You can set the time on it, you can even set it for delayed brew, so you can have everything made at night and a warm cup of coffee when you get up - freshly brewed, just for you! 

The tank on the side is marked for how much water you need for the cup, travel size tumbler, or carafe. If you are only making a coffee cup, there's a flip out (as you can see on the inside, beside the carafe) where it holds your coffee cup right under the drip for no messes. One of my favorite additions to this machine is the drip stop, because my last coffee pot would drip when I removed the pot and would make a mess. This is also very helpful for it you have children who tend to press buttons (like mine does), because if the drip stop is on, then it won't brew.

The nifty thing is the frother on the side. Put a little milk in a cup, use the frother to fluff it, and after you pour your very delicious coffee into the cup, top it with the frothy milk for a delightful, airy drink such as this below. You also receive a recipe book with tons of great drink ideas to try.

One thing it's not really specialized to do but works perfect for, is brewing specialty teas! Being 29 weeks pregnant, I can't hardly sleep here lately. I was suggested by a follower on Instagram to try Sleepytime Tea, as it was safe during pregnancy and would relax me enough to help me get the good nights sleep that I so desperately need. I wanted it to be nice and strong, and decided to put the bag in the built in coffee filter, and run 'classic brew' water through it. Let's just say, I couldn't have made it more perfectly any other way. 

The Ninja Coffee Bar has endless possibilities like, you can make frappes at home! I made some hazelnut frappes (forgot to take a picture), and it was so delicious! It was a blend of coffee from my Bean Box Co. sampler box, hazelnut creamer, and ice. Blend it together and voila! The most delicious, perfect frappe. 

This would be great for the person who loves to get new appliances for the holidays. The coffee lover, would be so in love with this. You can purchase from the Ninja website for just $179.80. This is so worth it, and will arrive at your door ready for wrapping paper and a bow.  A must have gift for 2016 Holiday Season!

Until Next Time, Desiree.

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes only. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions in this post are 100% my own, honest opinions.

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