Tuesday, November 8, 2016

BodyArmor SuperDrink {Review}

Well hello all, no I didn't disappear. Just took a leave of absence to tend to some things. Like what you may ask. Well, for starters my 2 year old had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease for SEVEN days. I had never even heard of it until he got it, then I found out the first day of his fever that his cousin (which he was right next to for several hours for the prior two days) had been to the doctor and had it (she woke up with her rash). Needless to say, when he went (the day of his rash starting), they tested him for strep on top of HFMD because his throat was covered in so many blisters (it was negative so it was just THAT bad!). It was the roughest 7 days I've ever had due to a sickness. 

How did I power through? Well, patience (lots of it), coffee, and BodyArmor super drinks during the day. 

These drinks are absolutely delicious and full of pure greatness to keep you going, even when you think you can't anymore. Unlike energy drinks, they aren't packed full of ginseng and taurine and other energy providing supplements. Coconut water, and much more goodness grace these and I am very grateful for having them around when I did. I seriously went five straight days with just 3-4 hours of sleep a night, and that wasn't uninterrupted either. So, when he was up and going, and I knew it was about 'that time' and his throat would flare up soon, I would drink one of these to put a little pep in my step. Being (now) 28 weeks pregnant, energy drinks are so out of question for me, and a lot of energy drinks that are 'all natural' still contain something I can't have. Moms, rest assured, you can definitely drink BodyArmor!

The flavors these delicious drinks that I received came in were: Tropical Punch, Mixed Berry, Blackout Berry, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Banana and Orange Mango. My favorite by far being the Strawberry Banana. Oh how smooth the flavor was, I was definitely upset that I didn't have more in that particular flavor. My least favorite was probably the Blackout Berry, it was tart, and tasted like blackberries, and I don't exactly like blackberries. I took a drink before my husband took off hunting, although I didn't like it, he said it was his favorite. So he had it packed in his bow case, and off he went.

He took one to work and said he felt he had more energy than he does when he takes Propels or Gatorades (he works in a wood processing plant). I originally told him he could have these for work and he could tell me all about them, but after the week I was beginning to have as these arrived, he told me I could have them since there wasn't much I could drink in the ways of powering me through rough nights with a two year old with a super bad case of HFMD. I did find out that a local convenient store sells these, so I have since become a regular buyer of BodyArmor. These drinks are very reasonably priced (use the locator on their site to find a store near you), and are well worth the money. I highly recommend these drinks to everyone, and ladies, if you are expecting, you too can enjoy these without any worries!

**Disclaimer: I was sent these products on behalf of BodyArmor for review purposes. All opinions in this post are my own, 100% honest opinions. I was no compensated in any other way (other than the product in exchange for review).

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