Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Spa Life Review + Giveaway

Being a parent, it's hard. Being mommy, who cures all the ouchies, and babies the kids when you know they aren't really hurt, it's a job for most. Dads, I have to say, they normally get the easier end of the deal. Kids are stuck up mommy's butt, and he can go out with his friends or family, go fishing, hunting, whatever it is he desires, because let's face it...the kids probably won't throw that much of a fit wanting them to stay home. They probably won't even notice they are gone!

With that said, how many of you moms actually get to go out to get pampered? Mani-pedi, facials, massages, just get to go out and be spoiled? Not many of you, I can only imagine. Up until here lately, my son was always right behind me. "Hey, I'm going to let him sit here with you, watching his tablet while I run to the store (one mile down the road)" and of course, I make it to the door and here he comes, squalling, running out the door. So, yeah. I really do understand. 

Don't stress over it anymore, I found your solution!

My Spa Life offers tons of amazing products for you moms to pamper yourselves at home. I had so much fun doing this, just having time {mostly} alone to do these things relieved a ton of stress. 

I received all of the amazing products shown below to review {and one lucky giveaway winner will receive one of everything shown here!}, so onto the goodies. 

This package included Hydrating Facial Mask {volcanic ash + CoQ 10}, Exhilarating Neck Mask {pearl + CoQ 10}, a box of Espresso + Vitamin E Under Eye Strips (24 total, 12 pairs), Invigorating Foot Sockies, and my favorite, Natural Loofah Bath Mitt (Fruit).

So, we will start with the facial mask first. This mask is hydrating, and anti-aging. It can help reverse years of sun damage, which for a lot of people is a big deal, which is absolutely should be. Sun damage is no joke, and can cause major skin issues. Why not pamper yourself, and get your skin on track to a healthier lifestyle? I honestly like it because it's not like a traditional mask, which is gunk you have to make a mess to spread all over your face. It's a legit mask, with the works made into it. 

You may look like a monster for a while, but your face will be so soft and smooth, it makes being scary for 20 minutes (minimum, you can wear longer if desired) totally worth it! You can get a 3-Pack box of these for just $18, and I think they are so worth it!

Next, the Exhilarating Neck Mask. {Just for reference here, while trying out most of these, my son was watching the ever so annoying "Daddy Finger" song on my phone, which is what gave me the time to try these out, so I don't have photos using everything. But, take my word on it, because I had a lovely spa day, and I do have some photos that I'll have to get off my phone when he isn't taking it over.} Anyways, the neck mask is for tightening up the skin some, and giving it a more youthful appearance. It has CoQ 10 to help with the anti-aging effect, accompanied by oyster pearl and vitamins to bring you the perfect results. I, myself, am only 21, so it wasn't a necessity for me, but hey, I can start early, right? The feeling of the lotiony goods on the mask was strange feeling on my neck. I'm a strange person, so it may just be me. Nothing too irritating though. My neck was significantly softer when the 20 minutes was up. Which you can wear these things longer, but I have sensitive skin, so I don't push my luck. You can purchase a 3-Pack box of the neck mask for just $24.

Espresso + Vitamin E Under Eye Strips, well this one, I personally didn't have a good outcome from. One good perk was, when I put them on, I had had the worst headache, but by the time I took them off, it was completely gone. This headache had been around for days, so it was pretty nice, and I think it had to do with the smell of the espresso, because it will make you crave a double shot without a doubt! I, having the sensitive skin I do, decided I'd check under these after 10 minutes (half way through the recommended time), and under the strips were red and itchy. I looked like someone sucker punched me in both eyes. Now, by no means am I saying this product isn't worth giving a try, because it certainly is, but if you have sensitive skin, just check halfway through the treatment to make sure that you aren't having a reaction to it. Who knows, me being about 16 weeks pregnant when I tried them, may have made my skin susceptible to being a little more sensitive than normal. Don't knock it 'til you try them. You can get a 12 pack box (12 pairs) for $15, which is a great price!

Oh my goodness, the Foot Sockies. These bad boys are tea tree oil and spearmint infused to soften, and relieve your sore, achy feet. Since entering midway through my second trimester, oh dear, my feet stay so very sore from just walking long enough to grocery shop. After a rough day, with rough, sore feet, I decided to slide these on and prop my feet up. The scent is phenomenal. It was indeed a very relaxing scent. With the fan blowing the scent back towards my face, I was able to really relax. It is a strange squishy feeling inside the sockies, but the benefits are so amazing. I use a callus remover on my feet, and this made my feet so soft and smooth, therefore the calluses were easier to remove. My husband would have thought I had lost my mind, had he had been home. I was sitting on my bed, constantly rubbing my feet. These are definitely a must have for your Mommy Spa Day! You can purchase a box with two pair for just $16.

Now onto my absolute favorite item in this whole package - the loofah mitt bag with natural fruit soaps.  I forgot to take a picture, but I'll use the one from their site, so you can make sure you buy this same exact one!

 This thing is double sided, one side is 100% natural loofah fibers to scrub away that awful dead skin, to leave your skin glowing from being rejuvenated. The other side, a woven burlap mitt to more softly cleanse the skin, inside is a few cubes of natural fruit soap, which the fragrance of will put your mind, and body at complete ease. I have never in my life smelt anything so relaxing and amazing. The first time I used it, my husband and I were laying in bed when he came home from work, and he asks, "What kind of lotion are you wearing? It smells really good." My husband is not one for lotions, perfumes, or anything fruity scented, but even he loved it. This has to soak in water for a few minutes to soften everything up before use, but when you do use it, it lathers so perfectly, and your senses will be in a fruity bliss. I now use this during every single bath and shower. Hanging this inside your shower after use will also result in your bathroom smelling crazy good! I use it as an air freshener when I'm not using it in the shower. You can buy this for just $12, and I promise you, you won't regret it at all!

Now, since I have showed you all some key products for having the perfect at home Mommy Spa Day, how about a giveaway?

My Spa Life wants to give you all the chance to win everything you see pictured that I received, so you too can experience some much needed alone time. Face it, we all need it at some point or another, and it's more convenient to pamper ourselves at home!

*Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions in this post are 100% my own, and I was not compensated in any other way. Giveaway was offered by My Spa Life.

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