Thursday, August 4, 2016

Building Your Dog Strong & Healthy With Bully Max

Dogs, they are an important part to most families, but not as just pets, instead as family members. We adopted our pitbull when she was just four months old. At the time, our son was just two weeks old. We wanted a dog to raise with him, and we both loved the breed. Fast forward to now, she is our son's best friend. She is gentle with him, protective, and keeps him company by playing with him. Lord knows this poor dog puts up with a lot from him, like him trying to make her eat, or him trying to make her stay covered up because he thinks she is cold. It really is a bond like I've never seen before between a child and his dog. 

With that being said, we want Nyla to be around as long as possible. She is loved by all of us, and it would be especially devastating to my son, if something were to happen to her. 

We recently had the opportunity to try out the all new Bully Max Dog Food. It is high performance food, with 30% protein and 20% fat. 

It can be used for any breed, but does particularly well with Pitbull and Bully breeds. It maximizes the amount of energy your dog has, which has been proven without a doubt with Nyla, as since hitting the two year mark, she had started to slow down and became noticeably more lazy. Now, she is powered up to keep up with my son all day. The amount of protein helps with muscle mass, and Nyla has definitely gotten more bulky. She has a more defined body, and it has been noticed more often than before.

She absolutely loves this food. Before this, we had tried all sorts of foods to keep her into them, because she would get burnt out on them halfway through a bag and would wait patiently for my son to sneak her bites of his food. We have successfully made it through one whole bag, and she didn't let up, not once. 

She went from having that thin pitbull look, to gaining some much needed weight (as you can see above). With 535 calories per cup, it's not hard to accomplish, but with the increased energy, she is keeping it leveled out so she doesn't become overweight. It all really goes hand in hand, for accomplishing the perfect dog. 

Bully Max Performance Dog Food has real meat as the first ingredient, which is rather rare for dog foods. When you go shopping for your dogs next bag, look at the ingredients, even expensive bags have corn, wheat, or some form of soy bi-product as the very first ingredient. This is indicative to you as the owner, as being not as healthy as that large price may make it out to be. Bully Max food has no corn, wheat or soy, and is the only meat based food in it's class. Only 100% natural ingredients go into making this amazing food. The best sign of this being a great food is, Chicken Meal being the first ingredient. With all natural ingredients, you're making your dogs skin and coat shinier and healthier, and making them overall so much healthier in general.

She has always had a problem with hot spots at the base of her tail, which have for the most part, cleared up. The remaining bit is due to the fleas she encounters during potty time. Her coat is so shiny and soft. Bully Max has a line of supplements, which we had the honor of trying before, but she never liked them in a consistent manner, as she does the food. 

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*Disclaimer: I was sent the products in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not compensated in any other way.

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