Thursday, June 2, 2016

Want To Win Big With My Green Fills?

Summer is here, and down here in Alabama, the upper 80 - lower 90 degree temps have it feeling like mid-July. While everyone wants to go out to the river and swim, you better have two things here: mosquito spray or wipes and sunscreen. 

When you're a pale little ginger as myself, the river is a one way ticket to skin as red as fire, idiots walking by and smacking your burn - finding it absolutely hilarious to cause you so much pain, and your bare pale, ghostly legs drawing more mosquitoes than your more tan legged friends. 

While you can enjoy these great summer days, you can lay on the beach, or riverbank, soak up the sun, and enjoy the day before those annoying bugs attack you, or you can enter to win an awesome inflatable couch from My Green Fills. Inflate your couch, set it up on the sand (avoiding sand in all those awkward places) and still enjoy the day, but you may want to lay a towel over your couch, or you may find yourself stuck to it like naked legs to your leather car interior when it's 110 outdoors. So, go ahead, enter to win. Who knows, you may get lucky, afterall they are giving away 5 of them. After you enter, visit their site and pick up some I'll Fly Away non-toxic insect repellent, and You Are My Sunshine mineral sunscreen. Combat the elements while enjoying your summer time blues!

MyGreenFills Summertime Giveaway!
  *Disclaimer: I was no compensated for this post, just asked to share it with my readers.

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