Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Getting Toddler Prepared For A Sibling

You know, I never really put too much thought into having another (and last) child. I knew from about the time Chunky Monkey was about one and a half that eventually I wanted us to expand our little family to introduce him someone to love, play with, and grow up with. Well, to our surprise, we found out about two and a half weeks ago that number two is currently in the process of baking to sheer perfection. Due January 26, and big one's birthday is February 28, and he will be three, so I think that's a pretty good age difference. Enough that they can be close, and him still be to the point of potty training, and understanding what to do/not to do a little more than he would, like right now. 

I was really unsure of how he was going to actually react once the baby was born, because he wouldn't dare have a thing to do with his younger cousins, only the older ones. Well, his little cousin, we will leave him as B, started coming over once or twice a week, and I still had the playpen from when Monkey was a baby (I knew I'd eventually need them again), so I put it up for B to play in, because he is 7 months old, and learning to sit up, roll around, and hold himself up on all fours. Well, big one decided he wanted in with him, and surprisingly they just sat there keeping one another company. Monkey went to play with B, but was very reserved in the beginning. He would let B close to him, but not dare close enough to touch.

Fast forward a day, we put B in the floor on his hands and knees at my mother in law's home, Monkey voluntarily went over to him, gave him his kool aid like drink my husband's stepdad had bought him, to B, and wasn't being stingy. 

I really thing to make the biggest progress is to find a child a few months old, and just bring your toddler around them a couple of times a week so they understand, they have to be gentle, they learn to share, and they learn to play with others. I really thing meeting up to let them interact like this is doing wonders for big one as he gets ready for his baby brother or sister. 

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