Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sprout Seed Planters {Review & Giveaway}

As many of you have most likely noticed. I am desperately trying a new path in life. This path may not seem to be anything major, or important, but for me it is just that, and more. I have been taking on gardening. Not full on gardens, but small, easy to manage gardens. 

While on Instagram, I often noticed I was having one account like a few of my gardening photos, so of course I went on to look at their account, and discovered, it was a company. Not your ordinary company though. Sprout put together a very unique design to help seeds root and germinate, but in a way that made transplanting very easy. Inside these very intriguing biodegradable tubes is filled with non- GMO seeds planted in high nutrient herb soil. You can plant them in a small planter, and once you notice them starting to grow, you can easily transplant them without any interrupting to growth.

I received a box of assorted seeds, because you know, I like a nice variety. The assorted comes with a little paper showing what color is which seed. I am really just in love with the concept of this, because I know first had, trying to transplant is so hard, and about ninety percent of the time for me, my plants end up dying within two or three days. This is most definitely the most fool proof way of saving every plant!

I started out with planting just two sets of my seeds, which were the chives and cilantro, as those are a family favorite around here. Note: I did add more soil to these, I left about three centimeters uncovered at the top. Anyway, my mess I made watering these should be overlooked, I can make a mess out of absolutely anything. I planted these, slanted end down, and watered them. Sat the pots into these cute little planters I had sitting around, and it's rained a ton since then, so I am hoping all this rain and sunshine (until today, it's nippy out!) will help them to shoot straight out. 

I cannot stress enough how important it should be to grow your own foods. There is no better way of eating than knowing what's going into your meals came straight from your garden, or small planter. Knowing what went on the plants, if anything, is so important, as farmers are putting some very vile things on fields. 

Want to know something that triggered it for me?  Well a few things..
The fields around my hometown (which is everywhere you turn) was covered in what farmers claimed to be "fertilizer" such as chicken manure, well come to find out some of these farmers was using waste from the waste plant in the neighboring county (biosolids). Now, how disturbing is it to know they were using things such as human feces on food? To me, that was a big eye opener. 

Another thing. My grandparent's home is beside a field. Every since I can remember, and for about twenty years prior to my existence, they had always had well water. Well, the sprays the farmers were using on the neighboring field had seeped through the ground when it rained, and contaminated their well. With what? E. Coli and a few other bacteria and contaminates. The result? My grandpa had been drinking this water for decades, and it eventually set up E. Coli in his intestines, and cancer was found in his appendix. Thankfully, it was removed, and he is doing better than ever. They do still use the well, but it is treated very often, just to be on the safe side. 

Now, does that change your mind on taking out a small amount of time to grow a garden? It sure did change mine. Now, I want to give all of you the chance to start up a new chapter, on me, and Sprout. Sprout has offered to do a giveaway of 3 boxes of assorted seeds.
 Meaning 3 lucky winners will get free products! 

Disclaimer: I was sent this box of seeds for review purposes. I was no compensated in any other way. All opinions here are 100% my own.S


  1. I'm most excited about the Basil and Thyme seeds. I like to use them as repellents.

  2. I'm excited about the chamomile - it's not something I normally see in an herb garden set and I wonder what it'll be like.


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