Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Addition

I just want to take a moment to share that January 26, 2017 our little monkey will be expecting his brother or sister! We just found out yesterday that we are expecting, and couldn't be more excited. I think Dallas will be the perfect big brother, he just needs to get used to the idea of not being the one and only anymore. We had discussed one more child, but didn't put a time on it, just whenever it was meant to be. Well my 'time of the month' didn't arrive and should have either Friday or Saturday, and I took two cheap dollar general test (because they are very sensitive compared to most) and both popped up with a faint positive. So, I called yesterday to make an appointment at the local health department to get confirmation (it's required here before you can see an actual doctor, not sure about everywhere else, though) and she came back to ask when my last period was, which was April 22, and she went from there, saying I was close to 5 weeks, and the due date would be around 1-26-17.

My symptoms have been not really much, but I am sure they will kick in soon.

I didn't have horrific lower back pain like when it's about to come, I didn't have gut wrenching cramps like I do most of the time, and I didn't have the god awful acne I normally do when it's about to show. That was all I was going on, well that and I have been going to bed around 9-10 pm every night with our son for the last week, and I feel like I need a nap everyday. My usual favorite spaghetti sauce tasted really off to me and I left a whole pan of it sitting in the kitchen, and Alfredo sauce was gross (normally I can eat it alone). 

I have yet to schedule a first appointment because we have to visit a place called Best Start here to get the ball rolling.

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