Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Where Did That Go Again?

It's a never ending cycle of constant "Where did you put that?" and "You better not lose that again!!" around here, lately. Little pain is now twenty-five months old. Not only have we accomplished new found words, and discovering how to actually make sentences with these new words, but he is into everything he can grab up. For this, I am about to go crazy.

When I was presented with the opportunity to review some of the labels from Label Daddy, I jumped on it. Why? Because my son loses everything, and with labels, if in a public place, or around tons of children, it can definitely be returned.

You can have these labels designed in several sizes, laminated or not, with characters, logos, etc. and I just love these so much. Dallas -was- into Mickey Mouse when I had these made (but has sense strayed on to Jake and The Neverland Pirates), so I had Mickey put on them, and I had them laminated because Dallas has toys outdoors, things that needed labeling that frequently takes a ride in the dishwasher, things such as clothes that must be washed and dried. So the way I requested them to be made was perfect for our every day lives.

When laminated, these labels can survive being on sippy cups or things like such that are frequently washed in a hot dishwasher, labels on clothing, just anything like that, really. I believe there was forty or fifty labels in the order. To have them made as I did, was normally $28 I do believe. Seriously, I labeled everything I could possibly think of. His Mickey table and chair set, his tablet, glasses case, sippy cups, and so much more. Before you wash these, let them sit awhile so the adhesive has time to really bond to the surface so it can't come off. 

I labeled his glasses case because these are special frames that took forever to get in and I don't want to go through fighting to get another pair. 
They have labels for more than your general items.

 Camping season is in full swing, so they have packs of labels just for your camping gear, so if anything gets left behind, someone can find your number and return it back to the rightful owner, this will also save you money since if in the case of you lose something, you're going to have to spend money to replace it. I am definitely considering these, as we do a ton of camping.

Then there are these. They have allergy labels, which I find amazing since my son has a bad allergy to milk (only irritated if milk is in pure liquid form, cooked doesn't bother him) and a severe allergy to soy. Now we can't expect everyone to know what our kids are allergic to, or even for our kids, when young, to remember it all. This is a lifesaver, an actual lifesaver as you can put it on your kids backpack or lunch box so teachers, and other students alike can know what your child can and can't have. I see so many instances on the news of kids being fed things they are allergic to because they didn't inform, and the other person simply did not know, and it causes anaphylaxis and even death, sadly. Going the extra step and including these allergy labels can save your child's life. Don't hesitate. I am going to try to get some ordered after mine visits the allergist again in the next few days.

I definitely think Label Daddy is a great company, and they have labels for everything. I definitely recommend them to all of you. 

Disclaimer: I was informed of this opportunity from U.S. Family Guide and signed up through their site. I was sent these labels for review purposes, and all opinions were my own 100% opinions.

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