Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Starting Your Own Garden, Easily.

Start your spring off making healthy choices for YOUR family. What do I mean? Start a garden. This is absolutely the best way to feed your family. How? Well I am personally about to make a built up garden with a wooden bottom, for me to keep on my back porch. I am planning on starting my two year old son out on picking healthy foods such as strawberries, watermelons (with my help), cilantro, and whatever else I decide to plant. Not only is growing your own food a healthy alternative to buying fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, where they are waxed, and covered in insecticides, but it makes for perfect family time. For young children especially, picking things from a garden is a real thrill.

I received one of the most amazing, innovative products in the world of gardening back in September/October. The Click and Grow is a fantastic product all around. You can purchase refills, which are cartridges already filled with their Smart Soil, and have seeds embedded within. You just click into the space, put the domes on, and fill the Click and Grow with water, until the floating level is level with the lid. It keeps it's energy saving LED lights on bright for 8 hours, and dims for 16 hours. This in turn results in seeds germinating and sprouting in 4-5 days (my experience with it, anyways). 

When I first received mine, we were in fall here in Alabama, and if I had known it was going to be January before we really got cool weather, I would have just done a garden then. Anyway, it came with basil refills. I used the basil for spaghetti, meatballs, and whatever else I found it to be delicious on. I let my basil live on until about late February or so, then decided I was ready for something else. 

I went on to loan to my sister about a week and a half ago for her to start some seeds, to be transplanted, which believe it or not, Click and Grow insist you do things this way. They want you to explore the endless opportunities, without having to buy their refills. She planted one cartridge full of dill seeds, and two full of cilantro. We watched it and in four days, they were up. Two more days, they were very sprouted, so we decided to transplant them into the little planters she had for them. We just left them in the Smart Soil (recycled from the basil, I pulled all the roots out) and planted them into some Miracle Grow Seed Starter soil. 

 The front is Dill, back two is Cilantro.

 As you can see, growing very nicely, and quickly.

So, as you see it's so much easier to get your garden started in a quick timely manner if you just take the time to grab you a Click and Grow.

Here are pictures from today (4/6/16):
Dill growing great.

  Cilantro is growing at excellent rates!

 After we transplanted these, I got a new refill for indoors to bring some color to my home. They have a line of super beautiful, bright Busy Lizzies! As soon as I brought my Click and Grow home from my sister using it, I threw these in there and got to business. 

So whether it be fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers, you can find all sorts of refills on their site, but don't let that stop you. If you can't find what you are looking for, throw some seeds of whatever it is you want in there, and it will grow. You can leave it in your Click and Grow for the duration of the plant life, or transplant it and start something new. It is all up to you, and the possibilities are absolutely endless with this. 

So go start up your own garden, and know where your food is coming from, know what you are feeding your family!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Busy Lizzies refills to cover for spring time using this product. I was no compensated in any other way, and this post contains my own, 100% honest opinion. 

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