Monday, April 11, 2016

Fundamentals Of A Great Garden

Growing a garden is something tons of people dream of being able to do, but simply because they think it takes tons of time and money, they will never bother to try. I decided I would compile a detailed list of a few things that would definitely get you started with your garden which will require a minimum amount of time and money.

Let's start out with soil. You need some great soil that will nourish your seeds and future plants, so that they will make it well past sprouts. I recommend Miracle Grow Seed Starter potting mix. When we finally transplanted my sister's Dill and Cilantro to pots, this is the soil we used, and in two-three days, these little sprouts were beginning to turn into bushy plants (Cilantro). This will run you about $6 or so for an eight quart bag.

Now we need some good seeds. There are two sources I'd go to for which is the refills for Click and Grow (we will get to that next), and the seeds from Sprout Something

The seeds come in these little biodegradable tubes, filled with seeds of your choice, or assorted (whichever you prefer) and soil to get them started. Over a short time period the tubes will fall apart and disappear. You can get an assorted 12 pack for just $10! That is a super great price. Want just one type of seeds? They offer basil, chamomile, cilantro, thyme and so much more.
Lastly, the key to success with your new garden! You can grow your plants, and starts just seeds so much quicker with a Click and Grow . It's a smart garden, which waters your plants when needed, and provides ample amount of light via the LED light bar above it. You receive a refill and once those plants are done growing, you can pull the plants (and roots) up and drop some seeds of your own into the Smart Soil and they will grow very quickly. I can honestly say, I have never had a plant die in my Click and Grow. 


Once you sprout your seeds from your refill order or Sprout Something inside your Click and Grow, let them grow until they bump the top of the domes (instructed to use to increase the growing process) and then you can transplant them into a pot, or as I would recommend, a raised garden bed. 
The Click and Grow cost $59.99 which includes 3 refills cartridges for starting out, 12 pack of assorted seeds from Sprout Something is just $10, and 3 eight quart bags of the Miracle Grow, incase you're doing a raised garden bed (on the safe side, may need more) would be between $15 and $18. Not bad if I must say so. So do your family a favor, get out and grow your own food and live a healthier life! 


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