Friday, March 4, 2016

Monthly Pepper Box Review

Hot, hot, hot. That's how I like my food, especially during summer. I like the weather to be hot, the food to be spicy, and the drinks cold, when I have a mommy off-day to have a sip (or two). With that said, I can't ever find the 'perfect' hot sauce. Sure, the grocery stores have so many, but I just don't ever find anything that has the perfect amount of heat. 

I found a way to get extreme heat, mild heat, and everything in between. All delivered to my front door monthly. The Monthly Pepper Box is a monthly subscription (month-to-month, 3 month, 6 month) where you get 3 bottles of hot sauce. They come from companies of all sizes, all with their own unique taste. I have already received 2 boxes, and currently awaiting the last one.

The first box wasn't the best, in my opinion. I hate curry sauces, and it had two in the box, both of which don't taste good. Therefore, Captain Assjack was a no-go for me. Now, on the other hand, Flamingo Fire was absolutely perfect. It has the perfect mix of sweetness, with a ending note of heat. It is truly a cajun delicacy. It is so amazing on shrimp, which I boiled in the sauce, then drained it from the shrimp, and recovered it in it. Truly the most amazing shrimp I have ever had. 

The next box contained the Hellacious Hot Sauce, Tears of the Sun, and Foo Foo Mama Choo. The Tears of the Sun is nice and mild. It has tons of flavor, and is good for when you want heat, but don't want your acid reflux to act up. I found it to be good on chicken, topped with sauteed onions and peppers. The Hellacious Hot Sauce is a little warmer. I put it with salsa, and it was heavenly. It made the perfect amount of heat, but it'll clear your sinus's out a bit, so have a tissue handy. Now, the super hot sauce, the Foo Foo Mama Choo. This hot sauce is made of Carolina Reaper peppers, which are extremely hot. This had my lips on fire, my chest burning, my stomach aching. It was rough for me. The flavor is soooo great, but so intense. If you have stomach ulcers, or anything else that super hot stuff agitates, I don't think you should try this one if you get it in your box. 

I get my box every month about the 16th of the month. I have had questions, and when emailed, they respond VERY promptly, with super friendly customer service. This is an extremely great company to subscribe to, and their monthly plans start at just $17.99 a month.

I will update with my next box when it arrives later this month!

Disclaimer: I was sent these two (actually 3) boxes for review purposes only, for U.S. Family Guide. All opinions are my own personal. 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any other way.

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