Thursday, March 3, 2016

I See Me! Snuggle Bunny Gift Set - Great For Easter!

Easter is coming folks, and this year in March. So, later this month! I love Easter myself, but it isn't a jolly bunch of fun for my son as he doesn't have anyone to egg hunt with. There isn't a soul in either sides of my family who get along, especially long enough for kids to egg hunt. My husband's family, we might can arrange something. Regardless, Easter baskets are a big thing for Dallas because that's what he enjoys. Also, he can't hunt eggs for candy with other children due to his milk allergy, and soy allergy. So, he can go for actual eggs, which he loves, but noone really does the real eggs.

As soon as I had the opportunity to work with I See Me! again, I knew he would be so excited about his 'My Snuggle Bunny Gift Set' from them. A fluffy, stuffed rabbit with a personalized 'Snuggle Bunny' book to go with it. The book counts down from 10, telling ten things that Dallas and his Snuggle Bunny do together. I gave him his before Easter, but for your child, I think putting this in their basket would be a wonderful idea.

Photos from I See Me! website.

I love the dedication pages that come in all of their books. This makes for a great keepsake for your child to look upon as they grow older. Dallas absolutely loved his bunny as you can see.

We recently had to go to Dallas' pediatrician for his two year check up. She told me he was slightly behind on his speech, and suggested that I read to him every night. Although we had been doing this for awhile, when I tell him to pick out a book, it is always his Snuggle Bunny book or his truck book from I See Me! and that alone tells a story of its own. He will smile every time his name is said, and he giggles at certain pages. He has also been picking up on new words with the help of his new book. 

The bunny that comes with the book is so soft and cuddly. He carries his everywhere with him. It goes with him when he goes to jump on his trampoline in his room. It plays in his pop-up tent with him, also. He just has such a great time with this set, and not only is it a 'gift' but it is truly great for advancing your child in speech or reading (if they are old enough). I wouldn't know any other way to advance Dallas in the speech area without his favorite books. So, why not skip all the sweets and things that are bad for your children's health, and go for the better choice, something that will last them, and help them learn as well. For now on, I will always go for I See Me! as it's now my #1 choice when it comes to gifts for my son. 

You can order your child(ren) their very own personalized My Snuggle Bunny Gift Set for just $44.99! Which is a great deal, plus you can't put a price on your child's happiness and learning accessories.

Disclaimer: I was sent this gift set for review purposes only from I See Me!, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions in this post are my 100% honest opinions.  

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