Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chillfactor + Crackin' Egg Review

I have been experiencing some great here lately everyone. The greatness that is warm weather, and I am talking about 15-20 degrees above normal. It has been fantastic. Here lately with this warm weather, I have been having the urge to go camping for several days at a time, enjoy fishing on our flat bottom boat, or just enjoy the outdoors at a campsite. 

While I have these great plans, why not enjoy some cold drinks while soaking up this nice southern sun? No, not particularly beer or alcohol in general. I am talking about the super awesome products from Chillfactor

Let's start off with the Ice Cream Maker. We bought some cream, sugar, and added in some chocolate syrup. We mixed it together in the top. We then followed the directions by pouring into the cone and squeezed, squeezed, squeezed. We done this for about 3 minutes total before it was of ice cream consistency. Boy, was it delicious, too! Tasted like the best brand name you can buy! This would be great for a hot summer day out with the kiddos, especially if each of them has their own.

Onto the Slushy Maker. It's honestly super simple. You just freeze the cup (all products live in the freezer until you're ready to use), pour your favorite drink into it, and I found pre-chilled drinks work the best, and the fastest. Then you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. You'll need to take the cute little spoon/straw combo and scrap the sides, as since they are the coldest, it'll freeze to it. This would be a hit for a day out in the pool, kicked back on the layout float, tanning, sipping your homemade slushy.

Now, to one of my personal favorites. The Frozen Yogurt Maker. You of course take it out of the freezer. Add a cup of you're favorite yogurt, which for me, I have a milk sensitivity, and yogurt from cows milk makes me super sick to my stomach, so I use the even better alternative, Silk yogurt. Made from soy. I just put it in the yogurt maker, squeezed it a few times, alot less than I had to with the other products, and I had sheer perfection.

Can't you tell how excited I was?

Lastly, the Chillfactor Black Cocktail Maker. While I tried this several times, it never worked like it was supposed to for me. I tried using less alcohol each time, and more of the mix, and was out of luck. Very disappointed. But, I found that since I can't get it to work for alcoholic drinks, it's an extra slushy maker for us.

Now, for my son's personal favorite, the Crackin' Eggs.You crack an egg and put it in the double walled container, put the top on, and pop it in the microwave. In under a minute you'll have a perfect egg! Take a fork to it while raw and mix it up some for perfect scrambled eggs. I was explaining it to my husband and my son who is two heard me say it was for eggs, now he will bring the Crackin' Eggs to me saying 'egg, egg, egg' which is very cute. Definitely a favorite of ours!

My pictures somehow got jumbled up but I'm sure you can figure out the steps.

I definitely think all of these products are great, and although the cocktail maker didn't work for me, it may for you! I highly recommend these products.

Disclaimer; I was sent these products for review purposed only, and all opinions are my honest opinions, and 100% my own. I was no compensated in any other way.

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