Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Make Your Holidays All Natural With Wild Foods

Christmas time is upon us, like within two weeks. Which can only mean one thing, it's about time to start your nonstop baking, and dessert making. This holiday season I will be adding a new touch to my desserts. I'll be using Wild Foods pure ingredients such as Wild Chocolate, and Wild Vanilla

I was sent an amazing package which contained their Wild Chocolate (black bag), Wild Whey in Creamy Vanilla, and their Wild Vanilla (second tan bag). I decided I would but these all natural products to the test, but first, a little information on Wild Foods:

"Wild Foods was founded out of a desire to bring together a mix of the best ingredients in the world to support health, performance and conscious food consumerism.
Knowing where our ingredients come from, how they are made, and the impact they have on the world, is of paramount importance because we know that food is the most important aspect of health, body composition, performance and longevity.
These topics we are passionate about are rooted in ingredients and the quality of those ingredients." (Read More)

The goal here is to obviously bring us all the purest, healthiest ingredients. I can say this, after using the Wild Chocolate, and Wild Vanilla, I can honestly say, these ingredients beat all else.

These are what I used these ingredients to make. It is a super simple recipe, which is great to bring to your family dinners during the holidays!

You just put however much oats, peanut butter (almond/soy butter, or hazelnut spread), Wild Foods Chocolate, but just a tablespoon, if your making a lot, maybe two. Two tablespoons sugar, and mix that together. Roll into balls, then roll in a mix of powdered sugar with one even tablespoon of Wild Foods Vanilla. and voila! 

They taste so good, but the version using Wild Foods products, taste so much better. Make Wild Foods part of all your recipes this holiday season, and wow your guest with amazing flavor. 

**Disclaimer: I was sent the products to make this sponsored post more of my own. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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