Thursday, December 3, 2015

In The Christmas Spirit...

You read it right, I am finally starting to get kind of excited for Christmas. As I was sitting around wondering what to get my son for Christmas, and how I was going to manage to do it, a game changer happened. Well, maybe not a complete game changer, but we managed to get him a big present that I'm thrilled about.

I was looking on Amazon, as my husband was doing the same on his phone. We were trying to come up with some small things to get him. More small cheaper things looks like a lot, but he showed me something and I had to get it for him. He showed me a Skywalker Trampoline. 42 inches with a safety net than can be indoors or out. I looked at the price and it was on sale for $69.99 and eligible for Prime shipping. Well, I don't have prime, as I can't afford it right now. So, I said something to one of my cousins, and she is a Kohl's addict. No, seriously. She searched their site and came up with this. Same price as Amazon, but bigger!

How awesome is that thing! Trouble maker is always bouncing on beds, couches, and chairs. I can't tell you how many times he has went off one of them head first, or tumbled off. He is an accident prone child if I have ever seen one. So, I thought this net will keep him confined to the space he is allowed to jump on. I think I'm more excited than he will be, well, until he figures out what he is supposed to do on it. Two great things about this is, you get free shipping on orders over $50, AND you receive $10 Kohl's Cash when you spend $50

This is a great holiday buy. Definitely worth looking into. I hope this will also resolve our restless baby issue, and he will wear himself out to where he will go to bed, and sleep all night long.

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