Saturday, December 19, 2015

Great Stocking Stuffers For A 2 Year Old

We have days folks, just days until a kid's favorite day of the year will be here...Christmas. While most of you have everything done, some of you may be like me and realized last minute, you didn't buy stocking stuffers! While it's no biggie because when your child is 2 years old, it isn't like they are going to even know there's supposed to be something in the stocking. While I personally don't believe in filling them up with candy, and small toys, I prefer to stock them up with useful things. Especially with a 2 year old, a ton of sweets definitely is not a good idea, so here's some things you can replace the sweets and small toys with.

Socks - Every kid needs socks. I mean come on, they get lost throughout the house when your kid decides they want to surprise you by running through with just one sock on, and the other is nicely hid (oh, I still haven't found a ton of them). Plus, it is winter, and most places (except the South this year, winter seems to have jumped over us for time being) is very cold, so they will need these socks so their little toes don't get froze.

Toothbrush - Just because they are 2 years old doesn't mean they won't need toothbrushes. If your 2 year old is like mine, they always find a way to get ahold of that toothbrush, and it gets put on everything...so even if they are put up awhile, buy a two or three pack to last awhile.

Small Books - Go to your Walmart or Dollar General, they have tiny books with maybe 10 pages total. Put one or two in there, and let them serve as bedtime stories, and eventually stories for them to read on their own when that time comes.

Underwear - Getting close to time for you and your child to start working on potty training? Put a small back of underwear in their stocking. It may even make them more determined to try if you explain that Santa brought it because he knew it was time for this big step.

There is just a few things you can put in. I just don't think there is any need for a small child to have chocolate Santa's and other sweets. It just makes more sense to fill their stocking with useful things, and I think those four things are a good start for them.

Happy Holidays, and more importantly, Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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