Monday, November 30, 2015

My First Tervis Sippy Cup Review

A good sippy cup. No leaks, no mess, easy to clean, they all claim this but just about all of the brands claiming this, when you go buy them, you will discover very quickly, they are not anything they claim to be.

On behalf of Influenster, I had the opportunity to try out a great sippy cup, that honestly, I had never even heard of the brand before. We got the super durable, non-spill, doesn't leak a bit, can have the top taken off to use as a training cup, My First Tervis 'Just Dozin' Sippy Cup.

These sippy cups are slightly heavier than a normal sippy, but it does not affect my almost 2 year old being able to hold his up with ease. He has threw this thing down so many times, and nothing. He is bad about turning sippy cups upside down when he discovers they leak, and will shake out the drink all over himself, and anything else around him. He has shaken this one to no end, and it hasn't leaked a bit. I like how it keeps cold drinks like his water cold, and at bedtime if there's any milk left when he decides he is done for time being, it will still be warm when he wakes up wanting it. 

Although I did take a look at their website reviews, and many people have issues with one thing, I figured I'd address this. People complained they couldn't get anything out of the spout. I had this problem at first, but it's the hole where it pulls air in as they suck on it. Take the plastic piece out of the lid and squeeze the little hole until it pops open. Put it back in and you are ready to go!

As you can see, he is enjoying his First Tervis, and it is definitely this it is work the $17.99!

**Disclaimer: I was sent a Just Dozin My First Tervis Sippy Cup in a Voxbox from Influenster. I was not compensated in any way.


  1. Just what I have been needing for my daughter...will def be looking into these

  2. That is so super cute! Love that design!!


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