Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Innoo Tech Electric Callus Remover Review

Feet, the one body part that is really hard to keep looking rather flattering. You get all that dead skin on them, and then it takes an act of congress to remove it. You have the stones that claim to remove the skin, but from numerous encounters with those, they do not work. You will be sitting in your bath tub scrubbing for nothing at all.

I received a Innoo Tech Callus Remover that I have found to be heavenly. 

Not for myself though. My husband works at a wood plant, they make the wood reels for cable companies and so on, that has the cable wrapped around when they are putting up lines. He is on his feet 8-12 hours a day. So, as you can imagine, in steel toe boots, his feet get very rough. I tried using it on my own feet, as I thought my heels were in rough shape, but it wasn't as bad as I initially had thought. I got a hold of his feet with it, to study effectiveness, and so on. Boy, it did him a world of wonders!

He said it is very relaxing, not sure how that is, but just what he had told me. It was really quite disturbing how much dead skin was on his feet. It wasn't just his heels either, it was the ball also. When using this, do not have your feet over your couch or anything like that, because it turns the dead skin into a white dusty matter, and it will make your couch very gross! 

What comes in this box:

You will receive the callus remover, the charger, an additional roller, and a brush to clean around the rollers, because the dead skin WILL accumulate.
Honestly, this product has proven itself to us, because it never fails us. You can use on dry or wet skin, and if it starts to die on you, plug it up and keep going. It will seems to rotate at a slightly slower speed, but it will do until you are done. Then, you can pick up where you left off and do a quick run over again when it is fully charged. This callus remover is a miracle worker, and you can get them from Amazon for just $23.88 (it's on sale)! You will not find one that works this great for that cheap of a price! This would make a great gift for the woman in your life, or the hard working husband. A must have for the bathroom cabinet, no doubt.

**Disclaimer: I was sent this for review purposes from Innoo Tech. All opinions are my own, 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any other way.

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