Saturday, October 31, 2015

Print Collages From Your Phone Using #PicCollage

*I participated in a campaign from MomSelect to promote the new printing option on PicCollage thanks to HP. I am to be compensated for this post.

Admit it, we all know at one point we have went into the app store on our phones in search of a good way to make a cute collage of pictures, that we can make our own at the same time. I know I have, and back about a year and a half ago while I was searching for mine I came across #PicCollage. It had great reviews, and looked fun from the preview snapshots. I downloaded it, which it's free, and started tinkering around with it. Back then, it had nowhere near as many great features as it does now. 

With the help of #HP you can now print your collage directly from your device! You have the option to print from your HP printer, with the push of a button (unless you're connecting your device to your printer, then it will be a few pushes). If want to print it, and do not have a HP printer, no problem, just save it, send to your computer, and print from your PC. It's so simple. Although, having a HP helps because it makes the process so much easier. I done this and got this beautiful collage as a result! It would have been in color, but I'll be darned if my printer didn't run out of ink right before printing. This collage is still perfect, regardless! 

You can download the PicCollage app in the Apple app store or Google Play store for absolutely free, with in-app purchase options for things such as stickers to decorate your collage. It is without a doubt, the best collage app out there, and is worth giving a try!

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