Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Go Green With Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden {Review & Giveaway}

Going green, it is not something that is easy to do, especially if you are a fan of the thought of growing your own food. Because, let's face it, you can't grow a garden year round. Growing up, especially after my youngest sister was born, my family grew a big organic garden every year, because my sisters and I were all struck by a large array of food allergies. We had different allergies, so it was hard to buy things to feed us all at the grocery store. We had to grow a big garden during spring and late summer, and it often was killed by things as drought. This made it harder on us. If only we would have had another way to garden, year round.

If we would have known about the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden, we would have made it so much easier! This indoor, effortless way of gardening is an ingenious idea. The herb garden kit can be used to grow so much more than just herbs such as basil, but basil is what comes with your kit. You can buy refills (3-pack) of plants such as mini tomatoes, chili pepper, stevia, wild strawberries (I have to try those!), and so much more for just $19.99 a refill. The kit with the basil cost a super cheap price of $59.99. 

This is what I waited on for several days, and boy was I excited when it came.

The Click and Grow Herb Garden is very light in weight, very slim and compact, so it can sit anywhere.

You can see the basil plant, with the green sticker and the dome. You remove the sticker, as it is covering the top of the refill. The cartridge contains their Smart Soil, which uses nano-technology to
 release the right amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients to each plant.  When you remove the sticker and place the plant in the garden, make sure the dome is placed over it. It should ultimately end up looking like the second picture. 

It will light up like shown above for 16 hours, and turn off for 8 hours. The best thing to do here, because the light will light up the whole room is to plug it in when you get up in the morning, and it will turn off about when you go to sleep. Works out perfectly. 

I plugged it in Thursday afternoon, and had this little hair-like sprout pop up late Friday afternoon. See the level beside it? That is to measure the water level. You just pour 5 cups of water over the level to fill up the garden, and you will observe it going down as it is using water to grow your basil. When it needs to be filled back up with water, the super bright LED light (which is adjustable, so you can raise it up with the height of your plants!) will blink until the water level is restored. 

The technology that is integrated into the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden is truly amazing, and he is what Click and Grow has to say about it on their website:

"The Smart Soil truly is the heart of Click & Grow. It stands for a nano-technological growth medium that balances oxygen, water and nutritional ingredients at an optimal level. Click & Grows` soil has special oxygen pockets that provide the plants with nutrients and enough oxygen even when the soil is wet. The technology used is based on the way plants grow in soil, but has made the process more effective and fool-proof.

Additional growth-spurt is provided by the adjustable LED light, which offers plants all the specific light spectra they need. Sensors tie it all together by constantly measuring and monitoring the need for light, water and nutrients.

Despite the high technology involved, plants are grown naturally, using biomimicry as the main source of inspiration and innovation. Products include no pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones or any other suspicious substances."

So far, with this totally, completely natural way of growing my basil, I have seen these results.

I forgot to take a picture for Sunday, but here is Saturday (the first one) and today, which is Monday. I really didn't think I would get results like this so fast. I think this would make the perfect gift for the gardener, or foodie in your family for Christmas. I think someone who truly enjoys gardening would be so thrilled to unwrap this treasure. It would also be a good way to teach the kids science topics such as photosynthesis, since you have to refill the water reservoir, and it has the proper amount of light, they can learn the ways of photosynthesis and how it really works. Would be great for a classroom, also. There is an endless list of great places to put the Click and Grow herb garden. The fact that you can get other plants for it make it definitely worth the price, and even greater as a gift! I feel like you should consider Click and Grow for someone, because I feel like even someone who isn't into gardening will love this cool piece of technology.

Love what you've read? Why not enter to win your very own Click and Grow Herb Garden?

For the mandatory entry, you will scroll to the bottom of the Click and Grow website, and this will pop up, you must sign up for their emails to enter. (Why not, you get 15% off your next order!)

NOTE: All emails will be checked.

You're entering to win this, in the lid color of your choice (white, green, or orange). Comes with a refill of Basil.

If you live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia or Brazil please do not enter, as they do not ship to your countries!

**Disclaimer: I was sent a Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way. This post contains my personal, 100% honest opinion of the product. I was given the chance to give one away to a lucky reader, which will be randomly chosen with Rafflecopter. The winner will receive theirs from the company themselves.

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