Friday, October 9, 2015

Fight Back This Flu Season With Kinsa

It is that time of year, once again. Flu season is rushing up on us here in Alabama. Our normal flu season is around January, and let me tell you, when it hits, it hits hard. Now, everyone's best bet would be to stay indoors, but we all know that is absolutely impossible. Things like groceries, household items, for me, diapers and wipes, they are all things that lure us into the shopping centers. With these inevitable encounters with the public, during high flu season times, you can't expect everyone to escape germ free. Someone in the household may grab a bit of those flu germs. 

So what do you do when it is your child, more so an infant or toddler? 

Well, you start with trying to get them to keep fluids down, to stay hydrated (using drinks such as Pedialyte),  and find some medicine for them if they have a stuffy nose/congestion (Little Remedies Saline Spray helps for infants, Vick's Vapor rub on their feet, covered with socks for toddlers). The one important step you repeat from start to finish is, without a doubt, keeping a check on their temperature. Trust me, I know personally, this is not an easy task with a 19 month old, especially when he isn't feeling well, but manages to put up an impressive fight. 

He hasn't had the flu yet this season, but he has had more than enough sinus infections, which for him, hails a hardcore fever. Thankfully, I can with ease, check his temperature with the new Kinsa Smart Stick and the Kinsa app to go with it.

 I was very happy to see this in the mail, as I have been one eager beaver to try it. I have found that this is super easy to use with your squirmy little one. You can use orally, rectally, or under the arm. This makes it easier for you as a parent, because if you have children from infant ages up to a teenager, you know you can use this, no matter which way you have to take their temperature. 

As you can see, using it is as easy as plugging directly into your headphone jack on your smartphone (iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 2 and newer, Samsung Note 2-4, Samsung Galaxy S3-S6), or you can use the adapter cord for those lying in bed, where you can just reach out to them, while keeping the app right in front of you. 

The app requires you to go through a little mandatory, four video section, showing you how to correctly connect your Kinsa to your device. These videos are just a few seconds long, each, so it doesn't take long. You can make profiles for each family member, to log their personal temperatures, symptoms, and to just keep track of everything so when and if they need to see a doctor, you will have all the information needed for a correct diagnosis.

I have included a few screenshots of the Kinsa app in action. Remember, these are just steps to great success! 

As you can see, Dallas had a normal temperature, which I tested under his arm. There are so many symptoms you can add to your logs, it really makes it easy to keep up with all of the important details that a doctor will really need to know. You can keep up with what times medications were given, if symptoms are worst, and the temperature is read within 10 seconds. That quick reading time is a blessing when you have a kid who refuses getting his temperature checked, no matter how bad he feels. 

I absolutely love this thermometer, and I definitely think it is a Mommy Must-Have, no doubt. It is so small, you can put it in the diaper bag, keep one in the pocket behind your seat in the car, anywhere, really. It would even be great for when you have to leave the kids with a sitter, and they could easily send you screenshots of the readings. This would also be a great gift this holiday season for that mom-to-be or new mom. Things would have been so much easier for me, if I would have had a Kinsa Smart Stick when Dallas was a newborn/infant. He stayed sick so much, and it was very hard to keep up with everything so that the doctor got every detail as to what has been going on. No worries though, I have it now, and from here on out, things will run much smoother when rowdy butt is sick. Take it from me, spend the $14.99 (free shipping) and make your life just that much easier.

**Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes only. I was not compensated in any other way. This post contains my own, 100% honest opinion.

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