Monday, September 21, 2015

Summit Goliath SD Climbing Stand Review

For my husband and I, hunting season is one of the best parts of late fall through winter. We love us some good ol' hunting. We have been buying up all we need this year that we didn't already have. There is absolutely nothing that can compare to sitting out, getting in touch with nature while trying to get your next meal. Yes, this is why we hunt. Not because it is fun, but because if we can kill one deer, it will feed our little family of 3 for a good while. 

While we had things like our Camo overalls, gloves, and hunting boots. We were still lacking a few things. I had my rifle, I purchased it before last deer season, has two boxes of shells, case, and everything I needed. Well, being the outdoorsy people we are, we traded my husbands rifle for a flat bottom boat so we could go out on the river fishing. So, we recently acquired him another gun, and all the goodies for it. So, we sat down one day and got to talking. We hadn't seen anything since the beginning of our hunting adventures, and we wanted this to change.

What better advantage can you have than to be up about 12-15 feet up in a tree? He got online and ordered him a Summit Goliath SD climbing stand. We got this bad boy via UPS and I really liked the design of the box!

Anyway, I have never been in a stand before, and it has been years since my husband has been. So we took it out of the box, got everything (stand and safety harness), and headed out to the backyard. We had one tree with no low limbs so we were able to start trying to climb. I am, for one, terrified of heights. I got about 5 feet up, and made the mistake of looking down. Worst thing I could have done...EVER. I started to tremble in my knees, I looked at him and said, "Can I please just get down" and he says, "Nope, you have to learn somehow" so I stayed up there. It is hard, to pull the bottom part up, where I put my feet, because I have no leg strength. After the struggle, I face the REAL struggle. Turning around and sitting down. I looked over the side, and it suddenly got really hot outdoors, and I just knew if I didn't get sat down, I was going to pass out and fall out of it. I sat down, felt terrible, and decided I would start to journey back down to Earth. I kid you not, it took me TWENTY FIVE MINUTES, because I was so deathly terrified! Now, I need to practice more, if I can get over being a chicken. This is very sturdy though. 

 "The Goliath SD is a full featured climber for full-framed hunters. Extra room and an ample 350 pound limit makes it the perfect stand for the bigger hunter or for anyone looking for a little extra room."

My husband is a husky fella, so this is perfect for him. Was too much for me, so I am thinking of investing in one of their smaller stands for smaller people, the Summit Mini Viper SD. I can't wait to be able to see over the thickets here and see the deer coming near. Let me tell you, here in North Alabama, you have terrible thickets year 'round. With those lovely brier thickets during the winter, that make walking to your hunting spot incredibly terrible, and from the ground, impossible to see.

Here is a how to video for those as clueless as I was:

See it isn't hard at all. I very highly recommend this to all of you. Be sure to order before hunting season in your area! The price of one of these will run you close to $320.00. Definitely worth it.

*Disclaimer: I was not sent anything to compensate this review. I bought this product on my own.

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