Wednesday, August 19, 2015

That Time Again...Fall Semester

As many of you probably don't know. Not only am I a blogger, mom, and wife, but I'm also a college student. I started last fall, and although my last semester (Spring 2015) wasn't so good, considering I failed Elementary Algebra because I have never understood math, even what is considered simple math to most. I also failed my Child Development class because I got so caught up in trying to pass math, that I forgot my last assignment and exam in CHD. Needless to say, I can not fail any more. It's not an option. If I do, I can't return to finish for awhile. So, I'm back to that. This time I am taking Biology and History. Maybe I can get through this much easier than my last classes. 

Along with school starting, Dallas is now 18 months old, and well past being into everything you can imagine. He is so tall (34 inches tall, and not even 2!) that he can reach onto the counter tops, so I have to constantly make sure everything is pushed back. He is getting into his terrible twos way ahead of time. He gets in trouble, he starts one heck of a hissy fit. He starts stomping, screaming, squealing, and crying. Oh, and if he is near you, he will try to scratch you to death. His back teeth are coming in, so he's a tad whiny from that. Hmm, I know I'm missing something. OH! He wants to climb all over everyone all the time, and god forbid he sees me on the computer (this is what makes online college courses very hard to do) he will run over, hit the power button, then return to whatever he was doing. So this is more of a task with every semester. Without a doubt.  

Here's to another hectic school year!

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