Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It Works! Review

Just to start off, I know everyone, everywhere has seen post about It Works! (More like a million...) all over the internet. I know I have, and although it's what I find to be kind of expensive, especially for a family on a very tight budget, I decided I would try to get a  review to see if it was all it's cracked up to be. 

I received my products from an independent salesperson for It Works! who would be Amanda Collins. I received the following products pictured below:
  • A full size bottle of Stretch Mark cream
  • A trial size of Defining Gel
  • One body wrap
I will start off by saying with the stretch mark cream, it helps if you use it religiously. Like seriously don't forget to use it as suggested, or your progress will slow down a good bit. I have used almost a whole bottle of this and my stretch marks (which were the worst) is looking so much better. It really is worth the price you pay which is $39. Worth it's weight in gold!

Next, the defining gel. It works, not at what I would say to be quickly. I had enough to last a week. Although my skin tightened a tad during that week, who knows, with a bigger tube, you could see dramatic changes. It tightened up my thighs to where they aren't THAT bad, but they still aren't where I'd like, but like I said, we are on a very tight budget so I can't afford to buy some. You can purchase this for $45.
 Lastly, the ultimate body applicator. Honestly, I was very disappointed by this one. I don't have the photos because my phone bit the dust and I can't recover them, because it's gone for good. I put the wrap on, I honestly struggled to keep it on for 45 minutes because the scent of it is like the most intense smell of Vick's vapor rub, and honestly, it made me nauseous. I took photos as often as I was asked, but several people told me they seen no difference, as neither did I. I understand 4 is a treatment, but I don't see how people see any result from one. My cousin bought some herself, used two, had no improvement so she sold what she had left to gain back a tad of her money. To each their own, and I know everyone sees different results, but this one, I honestly hoped for better.
I think It Works! is definitely worth a try, but beware that your results may not be as amazing as all of the before and after pictures on the internet. Or who knows, you could have results that great. You just have to give this a try.

**Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for my honest opinion. This review contains 100%, only my opinions. I was not compensated in any other way.

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