Saturday, August 29, 2015

Entirely Pets Dog Flea Kit {Review & Giveaway}

Summer is almost to an end. As most of you pet owners know from experience, the heat can cause a world of problems for our furry friends. Fleas are by far their worst when it is hot outdoors. Here in my front yard, it was high humidity, with high temps of 95, with thunderstorms everyday for about a week there. All of these elements caused the fleas in my yard to multiply at ridiculous rates!

 My poor baby Nyla, she would go out only to use the bathroom, and would scratch so much. She eventually scratched a good bit of hair out from under her neck, leaving small scabby areas, and would bit on her side, and under her tail, that there was a bald spot on her side and on the under side of her tail. I had tried the brands of flea and tick shampoos from stores like Walmart, and nothing was killing them. They would just jump around while I was lathering her. While I had reached my wits end with trying to find something, I had came across a product that I wanted to try so bad! 

I contacted Entirely Pets, and we discussed it. We agreed on a review and giveaway for this product. I asked about their Dog Flea Kit. This kit consist of: a bottle of Green Pet Fleaze-Off (8 oz), a flea comb for both dogs and cats, and a bottle of Advantage Treatment Shampoo for Dogs (24 oz). 

Let me start off with this. No matter what product I have used, I have never in my life seen something work so amazingly as this kit! This is definitely what I consider a must have for dog owners. 

I started off by taking Nyla for a bath in the Advantage Treatment Shampoo. Although I didn't exactly follow as the directions stated, I just put a little in my hand and worked from front to back, back to belly, then her legs and paws. I seen on the bottle where it said it killed fleas and ticks on contact.

As soon as I put the shampoo on, and I lathered it in real nicely, which is does lather really good! Especially for a treatment shampoo.

I noticed quickly that fleas started dropping. This was so amazing, considering you very rarely come across a dog shampoo that really does kill on contact! Don't believe me? Take a look, these are just a few that I caught a picture of before washing them down the drain.
 You can see her hair where she is shedding, but also look at those fleas! This has me at a loss for words.
Then there is the flea comb, I couldn't get a picture, not a focused one. But, one swipe and you'll see little brown fleas, or in my case mutant fleas. The ones the comb pulled out of Nyla's fur were a good size for fleas.
Then there is the Fleaze-Off. You spray on them to repel fleas, ticks, flies, and mosquitoes. All of which are quite plentiful around here. I sprayed on Nyla when she got out of her bath and was just a tad damp. Just lightly spritz around the dog, but do not get in their eyes! This product is an all natural product. That's why I don't mind using it. It has a slight piney smell, but hey, it's worth dealing with if it keeps the bugs off, and out of your home. You have to spray on every 2-3 days before they go out. I love how I don't have to use this EVERY time she goes out. Makes it more convenient. She went out to use the bathroom, I used the flea comb when I got her on the porch, and no fleas! This stuff is definitely worth buying.

This great kit is only $37.99 on Entirely Pets. Want to try it out? Awesome! Enter here to win! 

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  1. I would love to have the Fiproguard Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs 45-88 lbs, 6-PACK
    Thats what we use now, and we love it!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

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  3. I like the Insect Shield® Protective Safety Vests. Thank you!

    1. The Insect Shield products have actually been something I've been very curious about. Maybe one day I can try one out and do a giveaway for it!

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  5. K9 Advantix II Flea & Tick Control for Dogs is one thing we need..

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  7. I would like to have the Box of 100 Select Ranch Reward Pig Ears!

  8. I would like to have the Box of 100 Select Ranch Reward Pig Ears!

  9. I like the Mossy Oak Silly Bums - Small

  10. I like the Mossy Oak Silly Bums - Small. thank you


  11. I really like the Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door - Large


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