Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bully Max Performance Chews Review

If you have been following my previous post, you know that my pitbull, Nyla, has been doing some testing with some products from Bully Max. She has tried their Bully Max (tablets), Gorilla Max (powder), and now she is testing out their NEW product, their Performance Chews.

I have been told recently that I have been made the Bully Max Exclusive Blogger, which is a huge honor for me, but I couldn't test out the effectiveness of these products without Nyla. She is the key to this whole process.

Anywho, their Performance Chews is a new product that is soft, chewy, and can be fed to any dog! If your dog is young, or fairly up in the age, these soft chews gives them the Bully Max benefits, but in an easy to eat chew. 

Each bag contains 180 chews, you can feed one a day, and it will last of course 180 days, or feed a few a day, either way you will make it awhile before having to buy more. 

You may be wondering what the perks are, take a look:

  • Ideal for bulking up scrawny, underweight, and slow growing dogs.
  • Builds long lasting Muscle.
  • 100% Safe: no side effects, no mood changes.
  • Results seen within 3 weeks.
Here is Nyla's reaction, and she has never been like this with any kind of supplement, or even a treat!

She was so excited, she was jumping for it. When I opened the bag, it had a smell that, to me, resembled canned cat food, but it drove her wild. We will try these for awhile and see how she does with them over time.

We started her out on Bully Max, worked our way to Gorilla Max, which she started growing tired of. She would eat all the food, and manage to leave 90% of the Gorilla Max powder in the bowl (she is a VERY picky dog). So, I started mixing her Gorilla Max with her water, and she took right to it! Therefore, if your dog does as she has, just put in their water, and see if that doesn't do the trick for you. Anyways, now we are trying the chews and she seems excited for something new.

The Bully Max products have done SO much for her. She gained a much needed 8 pounds in about a month, she started getting toned around her shoulder area, and back legs, her coat is the shiniest it has ever been. Most importantly, she has gotten so much energy, and I haven't seen her this way for a long time. She has gotten to the point of wanting to play every night, and she will actually run all over the house with her toy.

We will continue to test these products just for you! We like seeing results, and we know you are here to see them as well, before you invest. I am here to tell you, it is so very worth it. Bully Max will not disappoint you. Also, keep in mind to use the coupon code: reviewsforyou to receive $5 off ANY purchase!

**Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for me to test on my pitbull to show the results over time. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are 100% my own.

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