Friday, June 26, 2015

Enjoying the days

 As time is flying by, time is really proving what it can really do. Today while it was cool outdoors after some afternoon showers, while Dallas was playing on his power wheels that he got for his birthday, I noticed how much he is growing, and how quickly.

Sorry it's a little blurry. I had to zoom in quite a bit. He's walking, running, can climb really good, says so many words, I really didn't think his speech would be this good by 16 months! He loves animals, and plays with Nyla just about every minute of the day that he is around her. He's getting used to playing with Chief. We all know that when they get a certain age, they will start following you into the bathroom. They will enter when you do, watch with a weird grin, and follow you right back out. Dallas will back up to the toilet, and try to pull his diaper down to go. So we are now attempting to get him used to a potty chair. Point made, they grow up way too fast!

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