Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Upcoming Bully Max Review

Bully Max, it's a name known by many as the best k9 supplement. Although, the name is Bully Max, I believe it is for any large breed.  I own a pitbull, Nyla. (pictured below). She is 1 1/2 years old, never been bred, and what I would think is healthy. My husband loves Nyla, sometimes I think more than he loves me. He done some research awhile back, looking for a supplement to aid in building up her body. We both love the breed, and we love to see a nice built pitbull. While searching, he came across Bully Max. He has had his heart set on getting her started on it as soon as we caught up bills and could afford it. Well, it's been about a month, and due to bills hitting us one after another, we still haven't gotten to try it. 
    I went out on a limb, and contacted Bully Max. They have agreed to send me a 60 day bottle of Bully Max. I am going to be trying it on Nyla, and posting reviews very often showing the progress she has made. Bully Max has several benefits, including:
Builds Lean Muscle • Adds Size • Adds Mass • Ideal for K9 Athletes and Police Canine Units • Boost your dog's immune system • Skin & Coat Support • Dogs Needing to Bulk Up •

Nyla's Bully Max should be in by Thursday, so you all will see my first review about a week from Friday, to see what it does in the first week, and I'll post every Friday until she has taken the whole bottle. I'm so anxious to try it, and I can't wait to see the results!

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