Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mason Jar Monogramming

Mason Jar Monogramming, it's a catchy name isn't it? I think personalized things are a must. Whether it be for you, your children, or even your husband. I have seen so many people out there with monogramming businesses, and their products look amazing, but really, the prices are out the roof! With my day-to-day bills, I can't afford to pay $40 for a shirt for myself, or $30 for one for my son. And yes, I have seen these kind of prices at several businesses. 
I have a personal friend who recently opened up her own monogramming business on Facebook. The owner, Anna, is a hard working mom, who understands, not everyone can afford to pay outrageous prices for personalized items. She has the CHEAPEST prices around, seriously, only $13.00 for an adult shirt, and $10 for a kids shirt. She does car decals, clothes, hats, and so much more. Please everyone go to her page, Mason Jar Monogramming, and if you don't mind, tell her I sent you over!
(And yes, she does ship!)

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