Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Making Progress With Bully Max

I'm back everyone to update you on a post from a few days ago. I have had the amazing opportunity of trying out Bully Max on my pitbull, Nyla. I have been anxious to try this for awhile now, and I am beyond shocked with just the initial results. Nyla is gaining muscle, and getting a very nice coat. All in six days! Bully Max works without requiring exercise, although, of course exercise increases the rate at which your dog gains the muscle, and will result in more muscle mass, but without it is proving amazing results. Nyla doesn't get any exercise other than running on her chain when she goes out during the day. I will occasionally walk her up and down the road, but otherwise she is a lazy dog. Nyla is starting to build muscle in her shoulders, and her back legs is looking amazing. 
Take a look for yourself!
(Side view of Nyla)
Her coat has become so shiny on top of the obvious muscle. She was shedding for a month straight, and it was so bad that when I would sweep my laundry room (where she sleeps at night) every morning, there would be a pile of black fur. Starting at the third day of Bully Max, her shedding started to majorly reduce every day, now it's almost non-existent. Just remember, Bully Max is also known to help with their coat.
Anyways, let me quit babbling. Here is the muscle in her back legs. She is starting to look like, what I think, a real pitbull should look like.
(Back view of Nyla)
I think we are getting results that I wouldn't have imagined her getting in just six days! Don't forget we will continue to track Nyla's progress as she gets through her first bottle (60 day supply). With her weight, she has to take two tablets a day, so we will do four post covering the supplement.

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**Disclosure: I was sent a 60 day supply of Bully Max to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own!


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