Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bully Max Update #2

Well, I've been running our gorgeous Nyla on Bully Max twice a day for 11 days now, and boy can we tell a difference! She has such a nice and beautiful coat, that is so very shiny. Which is an eye catcher on any pitbull. Take a look at how shiny she is.

(Check out the bluish tint of her back from the shine!)

Nyla has also been kind of skinny. I mean she eats ALOT, and we feed her only Purina One (either the Turkey & Venison blend, or the fishy blend), but she was just what people referred to as lean, as alot of pitbulls I've ever seen are. I always wanted her to be one of the thick and fat pitbulls, but had no luck. Bully Max has her gaining some much needed weight. It's so amazing at what the benefits of this supplement are.

Her muscles are still growing, which I am so loving! Take a look for yourself! Those shoulder and leg muscles poke out without her stretching herself out. Although, the first picture she is stretched out so it is showing her muscles stretched. Look pretty amazing regardless, right?

(Black and white really showed her muscles indoors, as opposed to color.)

Bully Max is definitely a must have, and I strongly recommend the use of it to improve your dogs overall health. The tablets aren't very big, and aren't what I think of as being hard, because Nyla has no problem eating them with her food. 

This is the size of the tablets:
(This is the bottle of Bully Max 60 day supply.)

Everyone please just don't hesitate to give Bully Max a try! It be well worth your money, as it's proven itself to me, and I will continue to purchase it myself!

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**Disclaimer: I was sent this bottle of Bully Max to review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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