Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zest Tea Review + Giveaway

It's that time of year again, the weather is getting hotter here in the south, and I'm going to start craving tea. Just like I do every year. Here in the south, summer means it's time to break out with the sweet iced tea. I can drink a couple of gallons of tea a day when it's warm. It's my drink of choice. 

Although sweet tea is delightful, I also like to try other kinds of tea. Yes, I can drink hot tea even if it's a hundred degrees outside. I may be hugging the air conditioner while doing so, but I'll guzzle the hot tea anyways. Over the past few years, I have grown fond of the Lipton teas. They have green tea, super fruit tea, and so many more. I love getting a box of green tea, brew it up, serve hot with a spoonful of organic honey. Now that is quite delicious!

Although Lipton has been my favorite for so long, I recently got turned on to some new tea. Zest Tea is a new brand of high octane tea. Each pyramid sachet has 140-150mg of caffeine. So, drop it down in a coffee cup of boiling water, and mix the sachet around with a spoon, then soon you'll have one potent cup of tea.

I received a tin of 20 sachets in Pomegranate Mojito Green tea flavor, 8 sachets of Earl Grey Black tea, and 8 sachets of Blue Lady Black tea. Oh, and two stickers, and a magnet.

I'll start with my personal favorite, Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea. This contains young hyson green tea, pomegranate, Mint, and lemon. Let's not forget, it contains lots of caffeine. Boy, is this yummy. It starts you off with a bitter, barely there taste, and the more you drink, the more the flavors start to erupt. The pomegranate is there enough to give it a nice tang. The green tea is not really all that noticeable to me at first. When you get to the last drink or two, it's nice and strong. I am not a fan of mint, at all. I have never liked it. This is one time that I have loved the taste of it. It and the lemon kicks into high gear when you get half way done with the cup. This is great for when you're about to leave for work, or just arrived at work, and need a swift kick in the butt to get you going. This is a get-you-going tea. You can get 20 sachets in a tin like I received for just $11.98.

Next, the Earl Grey Black Tea. This tea contains south indian flower orange pekoe black tea, bergamot flavor, and again, it's juiced up with caffeine. This is a very subtle tea. It's light tasting, so not very wild. I admired the flavor, as for me, it was a little calming in my hectic day. Which at the rate that I'm going, if I drink a glass every hectic day, I'll be out very, very soon. It taste very calming, and some might think, hey, if it taste calming, it might be calming altogether. No, that would be wrong. It will relax you, and keep you rather chill, but at the same time, you are so wide awake, you can't stand it. This would be nice for a day at home, reading, or something along those lines. You can get 20 sachets in a tin for $11.98, or you can purchase any of their teas without the tin, for a cheaper price. This one is only $9.49 without the tin.

Lastly, the Blue Lady Black Tea. This wild tea contains south indian flower orange pekoe black tea, cornflower petals, hibiscus flowers c/s, orange peel, juicy lemon, orange and passion fruit flavor, and yeah, you guessed it right, more caffeine. This tea, it's amazing. The fragrance when you smell it is so heavenly, and sweet. I seriously need some air freshener for my home, and my vehicle that smells like this tea. Yes, it's that delightfully scented. This is a party in a pouch, a small pouch. Yeah, big flavor packed in a small pouch. That's it. It is smooth, but has a tangy punch all at once. I loved this one. The pouches are so colorful once they are descended into your cup of hot water, it's quite beautiful. You see bits of orange, blue, and something looks purplish. This is for when your extremely tired, and your ready to get up and go. The flavors will make your eyes pop open, and the caffeine keeps them open, for quite a while. I made the mistake of drinking two cups before bed. I didn't go to bed until three in the morning. It kind of done me a favor, because I was wide awake with my screaming son, who wasn't ready for bed just yet. You can get a tin of this for $12.25 (yes, it's 20 sachets, also).

Another thing I love about Zest Tea, there is no ingredients left in the bottom of your cup, floating around your tea. The sachets are high quality, so all the tea stays in the sachet, and out of your delicious cup of get up and go juice!

Looks delicious doesn't it? Why not enter to win TWO tins of the flavor of your choice?!

-Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes, and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. The giveaway item was donated by the company.
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