Monday, March 24, 2014

Zuke's Lil' Links Dog Treats Review + Giveaway

In addition to welcoming my son into our family almost a month ago, we now have another addition, Nyla. We was looking online for a free dog, preferably mine and my husband's favorite breed, a pitbull. We didn't come across any free ones, so we was willing to pay for one. We came across Nyla's picture, and decided we wanted her. When we met her previous owners to get her, she was extremely skinny. Her ribs, spine, and hip bones were poking out where she wasn't being taken care of. I couldn't leave her, so even with her being in such bad condition, we paid for her, just so she could have a chance at a real life, filled with love, and appreciation. Two things she wasn't getting from her previous owners.
Here is Nyla.

Pretty, isn't she? We got her home, let her get used to things, started feeding her twice a day to get her weight back on her, and decided we was going to start training her. With us planning on letting our son grow up with her, she needs to be trained so she's not tempted to jump on him while he's small.

We are using Zuke's Lil' Links to train her. Nyla loves them, especially their Rabbit & Apple flavor. 

Zuke's Lil' Links have three flavors they come in, Chicken & Apple, Rabbit & Apple, and Pork & Apple. They are soft sausage dog treats, therefore any dog should be able to eat them. These treats are very healthy for your dog, as they have no added animal fat, and no artificial colors or flavors. They are grain free, which means if your dog is one of those dogs that are sensitive to grain, and requires a grain free, or limited grain diet, they can happily enjoy Lil' Links. They consist of real meat, apples, potatoes, carrots, and antioxidant rich herbs. These are so tempting, they are great for training classes or vet visits. 

We started out using the Chicken & Apple recipe with Nyla's training. She started picking up how to sit with these, but wasn't too motivated by this flavor to really pay attention. She's a bit of a piggy, and I was shocked that she didn't want to eat many of them. But, when I give them to our chihuahua, Pinky, she loved them, although because she's only like a pound or two in weight, I have to crumble it up for her. Pinky approves, but Nyla is iffy on this one.

We worked our way to the Rabbit & Apple recipe to keep working on sitting, and to teach her shake. This was her favorite, as she paid attention, and was a determined little puppy to learn. With the help of this flavor, Nyla accomplished her training in sitting on command. She is still working on shake, but is learning very quickly, as like I mentioned before, she is highly motivated. She sits when told to, after being told just once or twice, which is great as far as making progress goes. I think the game-y flavor of the rabbit catches her senses big time.

The Pork & Apple is being used to teach stay, and was used to teach give me your paw. She loved these as well. Give me your paw was a big success, as she picked up on this really fast with the help of these treats. Now, teaching her stay is proving to be a little more difficult, as she wants to come get the treat instead of waiting on it. I think since she likes the Chicken & Apple, but isn't so determined to get it, but will eat it if you offer it to her, I'm going to use it to do stay with, and maybe it will work.

These are great for training purposes, but then again, if your dog is picky, they may not be as effective for you as they are being for me. I love how they have all real, and healthy ingredients. Considering the shape Nyla was in when we got her, she definitely needs nothing, but healthy foods and treats. These high quality treats are only $7.99 a bag on their website.

Have a cat? Yes, Zuke's has two lines of cat treats as well, so you can treat your cat to all the healthy deliciousness dogs can get, too! 

Want to win a bag? How about three? Yes, you can win the same three bags that I reviewed! Enter below to try to win.

-Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes, and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. The giveaway item was donated by the company.


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  4. Thanks for the info. Love your dog's picture! :)

  5. I don't have a dog to give these yummy treats too. Your dog is absolutely adorable.

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