Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Canine Kids INC Precision Fit Dog Harness Review + Giveaway

While in my adventures of playing dog trainer with Nyla, I found out real fast, she hates leashes. Besides the fact that she wasn't trained to walk on a leash yet, I think she was kind of scared of it. She would sit or lay down, and refuse to walk at all. Nothing would convince her that it was okay to walk, and that we wasn't going to hurt her, not even treats. 

We found an amazingly simple way for her to finally get trained to walk on a leash, and it's a way that doesn't discourage her like a collar did. When I found the My Canine Kids INC Precision Fit harness, I had to give it a go with our fur baby. 

Let's start off with this, it's a step in harness, therefore it's so simple getting her in it. There's a military grade velcro strip on the back, so once your dog steps in, you can secure it on their back. When trying to get a leash clipped on her collar, she would twist in a circle really fast, which led to us getting our fingers pinched in her collar. With the Precision Fit harness, she just sat there while I put it on her. I got a medium for her, as I thought that would fit her nicely, but with her still working on gaining back her weight, it's a little loose on her. Thankfully, it is adjustable on both side straps, so she can fit it now, and will continue to be able to do so for a while, hopefully.

This harness is made of mesh, so it's a light, breathable material that's great for outdoor activity.

While our Nyla may be well behaved, for the most part, what if something happens, and the leash clasp breaks while walking, and our puppy runs off into the streets? Well, considering we walk late in the evening, it's normally getting pretty dark when we are done. Thank goodness for this lovely feature, the harness has a reflective nylon trim, so if she gets in the streets, at least I know people will see her if she gets out in front of their vehicles. Considering she is black and white, she would be quite hard to spot at night. 

I put the leash on the harness, and it seemed to help immediately. While still rather iffy on whether she wanted to walk, with a slight tug, she was walking right next to me, and when I let her, she would run back and forth trying to play. I have so much faith in this harness, as it give her the confidence to walk on a leash. Even if she pulls, I don't have to worry about it choking her like a collar would. She was extremely comfortable with finally enjoying a stroll around the yard. While I will continue to work with her on her walking etiquette, I think this has already made itself worth the price. My Canine Kids INC has one great product, and I think every dog owner should give it a try! The Precision Fit harness is made in five sizes, so they fit dogs from 4 pounds all the way up to 50 pounds. Also, there's double rings for the leash, one on each of the side straps, so when they meet in the middle, it's secured.

You can buy one of these harnesses from Republic of Paws for just $40, or you can enter to win the same mesh harness I received, in the size you need, and the color you want!

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-Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review purposes, and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. The giveaway item was donated by the company.


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  2. Hi Jessica. The precision fit harness looks like a great alternative to standard collars. I always had trouble walking my German Shepard with a regular collar/leash. This would've been a great alternative. Nyla is really cute too!

    1. Thank you, she is quite the cutie :)

  3. I know what you mean about the twisting--and resulting pinched fingers! Our Cocker hates walks with a passion. He loves leaving the house to pee on as much as possible but the walking? Nope. Gets himself and us tangled in the fight to get him to WALK. Looks like a handy solution!

    1. It is very handy, if you haven't entered, feel free to. It may solve your walking problems, as well!

  4. This looks like an awesome harness! Love the features and reflective material. Would love this for when we get a dog! :)

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