Monday, March 10, 2014

Johnson's Baby Products *Review*

One thing I have always seemed to have a problem with is dry, itchy skin. I have used so many products that claimed to help with my skin issues, but I come to find out, they didn't help a bit. 
My skin being dry is one thing, but I come to find that my newborns skin stays dry, and peeling. It's worse on his belly, the top of his arms, and his thighs. His poor hands, and feet suffer from some extreme drying, and cracking. Honestly, it looks like he's got the skin of an older person. 
The only products that I have found to work is Johnson's Baby Oil, Baby Oil Gel, Baby Powder, and their amazing new Johnson's Intense Moisture Cream. 

We will go from left to right in the picture.

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, all the benefits of baby oil, in a gel form. I often find baby oil to be quite messy. I used this on my legs when I got out of the shower, as the hot water tends to leave my skin red, dry, and very itchy. It gets so bad that if pants touch my legs, it burns. This helped so much, it wasn't as slick, and messy like regular baby oil often is. It is shea and cocoa butter, so the fragrance is amazing. I used it on my son, and he doesn't like stuff to be rubbed on him, but he stayed still, and his skin looked, and felt great afterwards. This is a great product.

Johnson's Baby Powder, perfect for helping ease irritation from diapers. Some of our diapers we have leave my sons legs irritated, and is starting to make them raw. I applied some diaper rash cream to the irritated spots, sprinkled some baby powder on top, and it makes the perfect combination. He wasn't being rubbed anymore, and he wasn't as fussy as a result. I love this product, and will continue to keep it around for diaper emergencies. Also, the smell is heavenly, and the texture is delightful.

Johnson's Baby Oil, perfect for dry skin. This baby oil leaves your skin soft, and moist. Although, I personally find it a little too messy, others may not mind. I had a hard time with this on my son. His skin was too oily, and he didn't like it. I also found it harder to pick him up, as he was quite slippery. For moms, if you want to tan, I have seen my cousins use this to tan with. Just apply to your skin, put down a towel in the yard, or on the pool deck, and lay in the sun. Baby oil magnifies the suns tanning capabilities, and either you'll tan fast, or if you're like me, you're going to be red, and crispy in a matter of ten to fifteen minutes.

Finally, the new Johnson's Intense Moisture Cream. I love this lotion, for both me, and my little man. After getting my epidural, the tape left extremely dry spots on my back, and nothing would help with the dryness. I used this lotion one time, and experienced a great amount of difference. It relieved the burning, and itching, while leaving my back silky smooth. This was also perfect for my little man, as his hands, and feet are having a hard time staying moisturized. He has extreme dry spots between his fingers, and on top of his feet. This lotion soothes his skin, leaving it in perfect condition for hours at a time. 

Johnson's Baby products have great benefits for both baby, and mom. I suggest this to everyone, as you'll most likely be satisfied with the results.

-Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review purposes, and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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