Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pen Company of America Valentine's Day Pens Review

Well, the new year has arrived, and with Valentine's Day in just thirteen days, there's a lot of anxious people out there. I think women make up the majority of the anxious population. There are three things men tend to get women: chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. I'm not sure what women get men, because my husband doesn't get any Valentine's Day gifts from me unless it's a card. I'm lost when it comes to what to get him. So, a card will be what he keeps getting. 
Kids are easy to buy for on Valentine's Day. When I was younger, my parents and grandparents would buy me and my sisters a small heart shaped box of chocolates. It always made my day, even though I didn't exactly like half of the chocolates in the box. For example, the ones filled with strawberry and orange filling, was absolutely disgusting, and it seemed as if there was always more of those than the caramel filled ones, and chocolate filled ones, which were my favorites. Sometimes, we would get extra little tidbits, like a cute notebook and a pen, since we all loved to doodle. We got normal black ink pens, normally cheap ones, which don't get me wrong, they kept us plenty occupied, but something like the pens from Pen Company of America, would have tickled me to death.
PCA has a line of awesome Valentine's Day pens, all for $3.00 or under, on Amazon. I happened to get two of their Valentine's pens with gems on top, and two of their snifty pens.

(The snifty pens are the two on the outside)

The snifty pens are just so cool. They are scented pens, no, the ink isn't scented, which would be really awesome, but the pen itself is. The first one smells like chocolates, and it smells so good, it's my favorite. The second one smells like cherries, well it's supposed to, to me, it don't quite smell like cherries, but it still smells good, it's my husbands favorite. These would keep kids occupied for hours, but they probably wouldn't use them for doodling, they would most likely sit around and smell them all day, like I'm tempted to do.

Here is the gem on top.

Lastly, they have new twisty pens with Valentine's Day designs, and a cute gem on top. I think these are so cute, and would give any woman's work space or little girl's drawing area, an adorable flair. What I love about these pens, and all PCA pens, they are very neat, and do not write and leave sketchiness through your writings from lack of ink, or lack of quality. These would be great for a little extra for a Valentine's Day gift, or for yourself. 

You can buy the Valentine's Day twisty pens with the gems here, and here. And, the Snifty pens can be bought here, and here.

Keep in mind that because these pens are $2.75 (twisty pens) and $3.00 (snifty pens), they are add-on items on Amazon, so you'll have to purchase something else to get these. So, you can buy a 4-pack of one design from PCA, for $10.00, and add on these as extras.

(Disclaimer: I was sent four pens from PCA, one of each shown above, to review for the company. The pens was my compensation for the review, and I was not paid for this. This post contains my thoughts and honest opinions.)

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